On the positive side

In the interest of fairness, I figured out would point out the positives of my last ballet teacher.

1) She did do a good job of going around giving corrections during the barre part of class.  She actually would make it to everyone all around the room, which I thought was kind of nice.

2) Sometimes before doing the harder moves, like jumps, she would teach us first a “beginner” version of the move so we could get a feel for it before actually trying it “for reals”.

3) She was really big on strenghthening the core, which as I have found out thanks to her, is extremely important for ballet.

4) She emphasized working on the port-de-bras and hands.  My previous ballet teacher barely went over that kind of stuff so it was nice of her to break it down a bit for us beginners.

I improved a lot during my time taking class with her.  For sure I can tell a difference in my port-de-bras and hands from before, though I still have a ways to go.  Another correction she gave me, which I really needed, was that my foot was sickling when I would coupe in the front.  After the first time she grabbed my foot and moved it into position, pulling my ankle away from my supporting leg, I could totally feel the difference.  I also was corrected on basic posture because apperantly before I was not shifting my weight forward enough (though I don’t think with my body shape it will ever be possible to shift my weight forward  as much as she would have liked me to). But still, a definite improvement.  Thanks to her, I also realized that I hadn’t been tucking my pelvis in (I guess I had been sticking my butt out), and once I fixed this it improved my turnout and plies so much.

And a few times, I even got complimented! (mostly on my tendues and plies, nothing crazy)

Now that those nice things have been said, I guess I’ll list my main issues with her

1)Pushing us too hard, especially those of us that obviously are not looking to going pro.  But seriously, none of that “you must not really want to learn” stuff.

2) Expecting everbody’s body to be able to perform at the same level in a short amount of time.  everyone is unique and this should be respected.

And I guess I just wanted to say, the fact that it’s at a community college so we actually get a grade for class is kind of stressful.  It’s so much more fun to do ballet without having to worry about your G.P.A.

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