The ballet teacher haunts my dreams…

i had the weirdest dream last night, featuring the ballet teacher mentioned in my last post.  i don’t know anything about dream analysing, so if anyone ever reads this who does and would like to fill me in, I would love to hear it!

Anyway, here is the dream: I was driving to take a ballet class  in a new place with a new teacher and there was lots of traffic.  Like bumper-to-bumper kind of  bad traffic and it may have been raining.  It took me a while to get off that freeway.  Then after that long drive for some reason I had to park really really far and the parking structure appeared to be still being built or something because there was construction work scafolding all around it, which I then had to climb down.  After getting down, this other girl that was going to class also offered me a ride, which I accepted.  we drove on towards class and I can’t remember exactly what happened but for whatever reason we ended up having to walk the rest of the route.  By this point, in my dream I knew that we would be late to class, and when we had almost reached the building I remembered that I had forgotten all my ballet gear.  We decided to try to go into class anyway, maybe the teacher would let us observe or something (which is something my past ballet teacher would allow if we were late to class).  Except for some reason the teacher turned out to be the same teacher that I just had!  At this point the girl and I decided to just leave.  I remember on the way back there was a huge full moon in the sky, and shortly after this I woke up.

But yeah, kind of an odd, sort-of  ballet-related dream.

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