hello, summer

Well, it’s officially summer here now!  And while I love the sunsets (seriously though, I think sunsets from around late May or so until about September are so freaking beautiful, I could stare at them all day. or at least until, you know, the sun sets), it is just so hot! Even at 6:30 in the morning or 7 at night it is so hot that it makes physical activity at least somewhat unpleasant.  During this time of year if I want to go hiking,  or at least for a nice long walk, I have to be out there by 7 am so I can be back home in the shade before it heats up too much.

And ballet practice?   Lately I’ve been waiting to practice until it’s almost sunset. I like to practice for at least an hour (on days when I’m not feeling particularly enegetic) and on other days I’ve been known to stretch it out for almost two.  But in the summertime, it gets tough.  I guess during the colder time of year I’m happy to be in motion because it will help me stay warm.  This time of year, just sitting on the couch without moving a muscle is already keeping me warm, so to get up and do some physical activity just means it will get warmer.  And it does.

Usually by the time I’m done with my warm-up plies I’m already starting to sweat.  I think that’s the hardest part, getting motivated to get off the couch and warm up, because for some reason it gets easier after that.  I’m not sure if this is due to me getting used to the heat or just me getting into it and getting caught up in the ballet-ness of it.  All I know is by the time an hour has passed I’m dripping in sweat but I don’t want to stop, it almost feels like it takes that long for my body to go “oh we’re dancing? Cool, let me help you!” instead of it being my mind doing all the work.

Except that by the time this happens it’s already nighttime and I get sleepy, probably from getting up early to beat the morning heat and go for a walk.  And as much as I love the summer sunsets (and summer vacation), I miss winter.  Winter, when I can have a ballet session at 2 in the afternoon, go for a walk at any hour of the day, actually be active outdoors, just sounds so nice when it’s so hot outside that even going to check the mail sounds like an effort.

But as you get older, time starts passing faster and faster and you realize that if you spend all your time looking towards the future then you are not really living in the moment.  An so, I will appreciate this summer weather and enjoy it.  I am grateful that I have figured out a way to work a schedule to fit my activitites around the heat.  And besides, now that the longest day is upon us, it means that the days can only get shorter and shorter, right?

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