Green Juice gives me wings

After all the furniture moving that I mentioned in the previous post, I was feeling excited yet very tired.  I was not really feeling in the mood to cook.  Besides, it had taken way longer than we had planned to get the job done.  I still wanted to make sure I could fit in a ballet practice session though.  What was the solution?  Green juice!

Whenever I’m not in the mood to have a meal (and all the preparation that goes into it, of course), I usually make myself a nice tall glass of juice.  It’s like an immediate energy shot, except it’s also very nutritious.  And it’s so much faster to get it inside myself than a whole plate of food.

In case anyone is every interested, this is my most frequently used juice recipe. (serves 2)

-2 large or 3 medium sized apples

-a cucumber

-3-4 celery stalks

-around 8 carrots (depends on carrot size, if you want it to be sweeter then add more)

-a bunch of kale (I’ve never counted how much, but enough to fill a salad bowl)

– a few sprigs of parsley

– a couple broccoli stalks or florets

After drinking this juice, I usually find that I have enough energy to dance, go for a hike, or simply clean and organize my house!

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