More room to practice. So excited!

I try to be one of those people who always see the glass as half full (and for the most part I succeed ).  After a long and disappointing apartment search yesterday, the boyfriend and I resigned ourselves to staying put where we are.  So, we decided that the next best thing would be to give our current apartment a completely free makeover by rearranging our furniture.  After some mental puzzle-solving, I figured out a way to place stuff so that it gives us more open space in the living room.  And what this means for me is more room to practice ballet!

Our current apartment has wooden floors, so while it is not the same as the studio floor that I was used to during classes, it is a decent substitute.  Hey, it beats trying to tendu on carpet.  I am so excited because now I have a cleared off area of about 12ft by 9ft right in the middle of my living room to practice in.  For a short while I contemplated setting up a practice area in one of the bedrooms instead, by moving the furniture out to the living room, but ultimately I decided that I like being right in the middle of things, so the living room it is.  Even better, I have this enourmous mirror that we are going to set up against one of the walls.  Now I will actually be able to see my port de bras and when I move around I will still be able to see my form.   Prior to this I had been using a smallish  door sized mirror, so while it had helped me while I practiced barre stuff, once I started practicing center stuff it was of no help.

After moving around furniture for hours I was exhausted, but I just couldn’t resist having a practice session.  I find that I enjoy practicing so much more when I have a mirror to give me immediate feedback.  To be honest, I was kind of pleased with what I saw.  It actually almost looked like I was really doing ballet, rather than some stretching weirdness.  My pas de bourees in center are looking way better than the last time I attempted them without the barre.  My fondues are actually looking sort of graceful. I actually don’t lean back when I developpe!

I’d been bugging that I need more space to practice my dancing for a while, so I’m glad that we finally made it happen!  Now the next thing I have to work on is actually having a real barre…

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