Much Better Ballet Day

I had a much better ballet day today 🙂
Made sure to spend A LOT of time on warming up. Ever since I remembered the falling arches correction I’ve been working extra hard on applying it. Today I did my plie warm up exercises in just socks so I could notice my arches in the mirror.It just seems much easier to tell if I’m letting my arches fall when I don’t have my ballet slippers on.
I can see that this is something I am going to have to keep being on top of (literally) until I finally commit doing it the right way to muscle memory. I think this bad habit is one that has been with me since the earliest of my ballet days. At the time I didn’t have anywhere near enough muscle in my legs to be able to keep my balance even in first position and rolling my foot just a little seemed to help just a bit. At least enough so that I wouldn’t tip over and draw even more attention to myself. Of course I didn’t realize that this shortcut was a big reason why I was having trouble balancing once I had to shift my weight. In other words, I could balance given that I was standing still. Any kind of movement would throw me off.
Now that I’ve been doing ballet for a year and a half I think my legs are strong enough that I don’t have to cheat by not holding my arches up. I’ve also been really conscious of my arches as I walked around the house, and even when I went for a walk. I read on Wikipedia that if someone overpronates their feet they will not be pushing off their feet properly when they walk. Definitely something I need to keep an eye on.
I think the extra time spent on warming up totally helped because I was feeling nice and flexible by the time I got to my developpes. I love doing developpes on a good ballet day, slowly unfolding my leg into attitude and finally pointing it straight out in front of me. It feels like I’m doing ballet for reals! I also find fondus and rond de jambes to be specially fun in a “this feels ballet-ish” way.

My turns still need plenty of work though. It feels like I’m actually getting worse at those. I’m hoping the lifting the arches issue is a factor in why
i’m so terrible at turning because then that means I can do something about it. As opposed to if the issue is bad balance because my heavy chest.
But overall today was a great ballet day!

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