People who don’t take care of their animals make me so mad!

This has nothing to do with ballet and is a bit of a rant, so if that’s not your thing I apologize for wasted time. But since this is my blog, I figured I can express my feelings here…

This morning, as I walked along the street on my morning walk, I found two dogs. Or rather they found me. They had an superficial resemblance to my dog, Pup, so I took an immediate liking to them. By the time my walk ended I already felt so attached to them. It was adorable (and how stereotypical) how the female one would walk right next to me while the male one would explore every yard we passed by. I found a piece of paper cup that someone had littered and gave them water from lawn sprinklers. They were very thirsty and already at 7:30 in the morning it was scorching hot. I felt so bad for these dogs! I was terrified that they would go on the street and get ran over. It would be nice if we had the option to keep them. We live in an apartment, though, and already as it is we have two dogs and a cat.
They followed me on my whole walk and I decided that I would take them to the animal shelter. I had my boyfriend call the shelter up, to see where we should bring them. They said that animal control would come to our house. I was pretty irritated to hear this, since we have no yard to speak of and these dogs were huge. Easily 80 pounds each. But the person on the phone said we couldn’t bring them by, only pick ups.
We stood there, next to the dogs (who by now had gotten tired and lay panting at our feet) trying to decide what to do. Bringing them to our apartment was out of the question, and so was leaving them on the street. I just didn’t think I would be able to live with myself if I knew I could do something about it and didn’t. So we came up with a good plan, but first, how to get the dogs in the car?
The dogs were friendly, so they thought going in and out of the car was a game. One would go in, the other would come out. Then someone from a nearby house came out and gave us some dog food, which we used to lure the dogs into the car, and we were on our way.
So this was the plan: since animal control said we couldn’t drop the dogs off, but they could pick them up at any address, we drove to the animal shelter and called them from the parking lot. They gave us a bit of a lecture (and we waited in the hot car with the dogs for almost an hour) but finally someone came out and they took the dogs in. Now we should probably make some “found dog” posters to put up around where we found them.
But seriously, I hate it when people are irresponsible with their animals! These dogs were wandering the street with no collar or leash. People should take steps to take better care of their dogs like check their fences for holes periodically or tie them up or put them inside. I wish I could say that this is an isolated incident, but unfortunately I always see dogs wandering in the street when I go for walks.
Another thing that irritates me is the hurdles they make one jump through in order to do the right thing. It’s ridiculous that if someone doesn’t live somewhere with a yard (or other containment area) in which to keep a stray dog, the animal control people don’t have a way of accomodating you, leaving you with no option but what? Leaving the dog on the street? It’s as ridiculous as how our apartment complex for the longest time didn’t have any recycling bins and now still doesn’t have one for green waste. Why should only people living in houses be given the satisfaction of doing the right thing at no additional inconvenience to them? Is it a punishment for being poor?

6 thoughts on “People who don’t take care of their animals make me so mad!

  1. Patty Cakes

    This really touched my heart in so many ways. To begin with, thank you on behalf of anyone with compassion and/or common sense for doing the right thing.

    It’s been almost two years since my husband and I took in a cat that had been abandoned by neighbors that moved away. We didn’t really know the tenants, but we had met their cat on multiple occasions because they would leave him outside, unattended for days on end and he would often sit by their door or window crying. He was underfed and filthy with twigs and dirt embedded into his long, matted hair. Sometimes when he cried we would let him into our home and offer him food and water. He was such a lovely cat and grew to trust us very much. The way he was being treated broke our hearts. Finally, when they moved out and just left him behind we took him in officially.

    Max is now a beautiful, plump and happy cat with a family that showers him in love and affection.

    1. flowergirlkit Post author

      That is so sad : ( , when I see animals that are mistreated it makes me cry. I’m happy your cat now has a family that loves him very much. 🙂

      1. Patty Cakes

        No, that’s Audrey and she thanks you for the compliment. We adopted her and her brother 4 years ago and they are tuxedo cats. Max, on the other hand is an all black american longhair. If you’re interested in checking him out in all of his splendor I have some photos of him on my aRAWkyroad instagram…

      2. flowergirlkit Post author

        Well, Audrey is certainly cute. Unfortunately, I don’t have an instagram (this attempt at blogging is my first time reaching out in any kind of social media), so I won’t be able to check out Max. My cat Smudgey is also an black American long hair, she is adorable!

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