I fell down the stairs

That sounds really dramatic. It makes me imagine tumbling down a whole flight of stairs. What did happen was I slipped on the last step in the flight of stairs.


I was going downstairs to take out the garbage. The steps nearest the bottom were hidden in shadows and I would think “I’ve lived in these apartments for over two years. I should have going downstairs down in my muscle memory.” And I usually do, except I happened to be distracted. I can’t remember if it was a bird singing or a beetle flying dangerously low (and close to my head), but the point is I was distracted.

My muscle memory autopilot body thought that was it for the steps when there was still another one left to go. My left foot prepared to reach solid ground and instead all my poor foot got was the edge of the last step. It slid, and then I don’t know exactly what happened because all I felt that instant was pain. The pain was overwhelming, as I’ve never had a high tolerance for pain.

I had landed on my bottom on the other steps and just lay sprawled there for a few seconds or minutes just trying to catch my breath. Slowly the pain began to recede enough for me to sit up and check out my foot. I don’t know what I was expecting to see, but it looked fine to me.

I tentatively placed it on the floor and attempted to put weight on it, since I couldn’t just lay on the stairs all day, though at some point that did seem like a good idea. It was able to bear weight! Ok, that was a good sign, at least I knew I didn’t break it or anything.

I slowly made my way to the dumpster, glad that there weren’t any sudden intense flashes of pain or anything. I was even more glad that this had happened while I was taking out the garbage and not while walking the dogs. Which reminded me, I still had to walk the dogs.

Luckily, the pain quickly receeded and turned into a dull soreness. I am able to walk normally, so I’m sure it’s not as serious as when I sprained my right ankle. That’s another thing to be grateful for: at least it wasn’t my previously sprained ankle. That one had taken weeks to walk without crutches and months before the pain finally went away completely. Of course, the trauma that it had suffered, as I had sprained it while in a car accident, was greater than the trauma of landing on it from a height of 8 inches.

I’m sure the immediate pain for that sprain would have felt worse, had I not been distracted by the airbag smashing my lips against my teeth and cutting my lip open.

So now I’ve been putting ice on it and resting up. Even though I can put weight on it and walk normally, I decided to not go on my long walk this morning. Boyfriend’s not in town and it would really suck if I wandered far away and had no one to come pick me up in case it started to act up.

I’m mostly trying to convince myself that it’s a very minor sprain. Unfortunately, when I compare both feet side by side it does look to be a little swollen, around the ankle bone area.


Looks like nothing compared to how bad my accident sprained ankle had looked though.

I think (as a non-expert, or course) that all the strength that ballet has given me in my feet helps out situations such as these. I know that if I didn’t have a lot of muscle I could possibly have hurt myself more seriously. So in a way, it’s as though I’m always training for when life throws situations like this out at me!

9 thoughts on “I fell down the stairs

  1. ballettrist

    Get thee some more ice, girl — that ankle is swollen! Sorry to read about this. I guess it’s a good thing you landed on your bottom and not entirely on a twisted foot? Can you do ankle circles, point and flex, move it side to side without pain? Might be best to get it checked out, just in case. But yeah, RICE. And arnica or some other anti-inflammatory. I share your ankle woes! Keep us updated. 🙂

    1. flowergirlkit Post author

      Unfortunately, it has swelled up quite a bit more than when the picture was taken by now. It’s been about 13 hours since it happened. I’d forgotten about that initial adrenaline rush that makes you think “It’s not that bad” before the inflammation really sets in. I’ve been icing on and off, should probably make it more on. Also been working on ankle circles thoughout the day and just generally triyng to stay off my feet. I have some arnica leaves that I’d bought a while back, in case they ever turned up handy, but never did anything with them. Should I make a tea or what would you recommend?

      1. ballettrist

        Oh no! I suggest you have it looked at, just to be on the safe side, even if it doesn’t seem that bad. Especially if there’s clicking, grating, bruising or lots of pain in the peroneal region. I take arnica in cream form, in massage oil, or homeopathic pills. I have no idea what to do with the actual leaves, haha — but I did read that it’s dangerous ingested, excepted in very small amounts. Get plenty of rest, and hope it heals soon!

      2. flowergirlkit Post author

        Doing better today! Swelling’s going down and there’s no clicking, grating, bruising, etc. I decided infuse the arnica into some oil, which I will then massage into my ankle. Thanks for the warning about ingestion of arnica, definitely don’t want to make the situation worse Mostly just working on staying off of it, which is so hard as I am so naturally hyper!

    1. flowergirlkit Post author

      I’m pretty sure I cried out, don’t think there were actual tears falling. It just happened so fast! And it seemed more like a bending than a rolling since it slid forward (and under me) off the step.
      I’m feeling much better, though I’m going to be taking it easy for a little while still.

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