The Long-Awaited Return to Class

Since my morning walks have been nice and pain free – and it finally stopped hurting when I point my foot all the way – I went to class today! It was so much fun!

This is the class that I’ve only been to once before 3 weeks ago. I had been hoping that I would be able to go in today, but at the same time I was not trying to get my hopes up prematurely. If I would have had to wait until next week I would have been okay with that as well. But my ankle has been feeling better every day and I have been keeping up my strenght with  floor barre at home, so I figured it was okay to go to class today.

I really like this class because it is just so laid back compared to the usual class I take at the community college. Last time (the only time) that I took this class there was a lady who sat out on the jumps due to an injury, so I knew that it would be ok with the teacher if I sat out on jumps today. The community college ballet class is a bit more fast paced and the teachers expect us to perform at 100 percent – well at 100 percent for us – every time. I know that at my current recovery level I would not have been ready for that class. Good thing there are still a few weeks until the start of the semester!

Once again there were five of us students. With the exception of the only male student, all the students from this week were different than the students from a few weeks ago. That made it waaayyyy less intimidating than it could’ve been, because I feel so weird walking into something where everyone knows each other. Ahhh, the unfortunate flare-ups of my anxiety.

We started out with plies and grand plies facing the barre. I had done a few plies here at home the last couple days, so I was used to the feeling, but I had not done a grand plie since before I fell so I was a teeny bit worried. But it went fine, no pain, not even the slight feeling of a stretch. So far so good!

We then did tendues. Luckily, since the level of a couple of my new classmates today was basic beginner we went nice and slow. We did super slow tendues, focusing on articulation of the different parts of the feet. I was pleased that I had not lost any strength on my good foot and my injured side was doing ok. Not the best pointing that I’ve been capable of pre-injury but not bad.

I got a correction on my arms. Arms do not come easy to me! I think this might be because when I was first starting out I put all my focus on the legs and feet. Or it could be that my upper body strength is not up to par. Regardless, arms are something I really need to work on.

We then did a barre combination with developpes and ronde de jambes as well as kinda complicated pas de bras. It may have been the same combination we did the first day I tried out that class, because my body seemed to be getting it a lot faster today. We also did frappes, which are ok for me; they’re not my favorite move but I don’t struggle with them like I did back when I first started.

I was pleased that I was able to hold balances ok, even on releve. First we balanced in passe but flat and then we balanced in releve with arms up in high fifth. I did not attempt to balance on one leg today. I just didn’t think I was up to it yet.

All those days without stretching also seemed to have had a small effect on my flexibility. When we did grand battements I was still doing pretty good devant, and even better a la seconde, but my grand battement derriere sucked! Prior to my little two week break I could have sworn I was able to kick my leg up higher.

I sat out the jumps, but I did participate a little bit in center. I mostly wanted to reassure myself that I hadn’t lost my ability to do anything without holding on to the barre. It was a similar center combination to the one from a few weeks ago, involving tendu a la seconde, back to fifth, and passe releve, pirouette optional. I actually did a pirouette! That was kind of crazy!

Overall, a great class day!

6 thoughts on “The Long-Awaited Return to Class

  1. asher

    First time reader, first time commenter ^-^ Anyway, I am somehow deeply comforted to know that I’m not the only person for whom arms do not come easy!

    1. flowergirlkit Post author

      Right?! Specially since a lot of people in classes I’ve taken seem to get the arms to look right before the legs do. Looks like I’m practicing until they feel like limp noodles!

      1. asher

        Ha, that was totally me in class on Monday! I definitely need to focus on the arms more at home. I always really appreciate the classes where we take three minutes and drill port des bras like crazy…

      2. flowergirlkit Post author

        It’s so much harder at home though – even with a mirror it’s still not the same as being under the watchful eye of a teacher! My arms are strong enough to do it but I keep forgetting to round them. It’s weird

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