Classless Wednesday, Blame the Rain

Wednesday evening came and I didn’t get to go in to class. 😦

A thunderstorm rolled in. About 2 hours before the time I usually leave to go to class,the lightning started flashing and thunder started to roll. Eight seconds in between – good to know that it was nowhere near.

Then the rain started. And continued. Soon the balcony outside my apartment was flooded and the slight downhill slope of the parking lot carried a small river along the wall. And while I was having a great time standing in the doorway and watching – I love watching the rain fall – I did not have any intention of driving down the hill in it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I live up on a hill, sort of. The studio I’ve been taking wednesday evening ballet class at is located down the hill, in the downtown district of the city that lies directly west of where I live. It’s not far from the community college I attend and, let me tell you, it is not a fun place to get caught in the rain.

It happened last year, during the first week of school. One minute it was regular late-August, Southern California weather: bright, sunny, highs in the 90’s. The next minute dark rain clouds rolled in and it began to pour with a ferocity that knocked down power lines and branches from trees.

Street lights went to blinking mode – which made traffic hell – and streets were flooded, water overflowing from the gutters and tree branches carried down the street by the current. Long story short, traffic leaving downtown was backed up for hours.

So as much as I wanted to go to class I did not want to go through that again. It’s pretty disappointing but I’m working on cheering up. I’m sure it’s for the best and it happened for a reason. This high humidity weather causes my body to feel unusually stiff and achy – I was really feeling it during my home ballet practice. In fact, I was feeling so much more sore than usual that I even cut my home practice a few minutes shorter than the regular time. I got through all my “barre” exercises, but didn’t feel up to practicing center. It’s ok though, throughout the day I’ve been practicing balancing in releve and passe releve in front of my big mirror, so I’m sure my muscle memory won’t suffer too much!

In other unrelated news, I went through my personal computer and I found all my writings about ballet from before I started this blog. I didn’t write back when I first started ballet unfortunately, but I did begin to write, as an emotional outlet, around the end of 2013. It was pretty neat reading about my experiences in class last semester, reviewing my corrections, and evaluating my progress. It was also a reminder that there’s good ballet days and bad ballet days – some days I seemed to be thrilled with my progress and others I felt so discouraged. I like things that help me keep everything in perspective.

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