Now I’m Feeling It!

I woke up this morning, and my legs felt like they weighed a ton! I’m not complaining though, the soreness feels great.  In fact, I love the feeling.  So it takes two classes in a day (2 and a half hours total) to make my body feel this way, huh? 

The coolest part is that even though I feel so incredibly sore, at the same time I feel incredibly strong. I’ve never really been someone who is into fitness – I don’t enjoy going to the gym or working out – but I love feeling stong.  It feels natural, like something every body (not everybody, but everyone’s body) should feel.  Perhaps this is how everyone felt back when everything was done by using the body’s own strength rather than relying on  mechanical help. Food for though…




View out my apt. door this morning. Gorgeous. Perfect walking weather.

Looking outside this morning, I saw that it was nice and foggy overcast weather, perfect for walking.  So I headed out for my long hilly walk as well. After all, the strict ballet teacher from last semester did say that when your legs are sore you should use the muscles some more rather than rest. I think a new part of my leg muscles  that was previously underdeveloped popped out over night!  Hopefully all this will give me some more power for my jumps, which I badly need.

After feeling like something was poking the bottom of my feet during one of my walks recently, I took a look at my shoes when  I returned home.  While there was a pebble lodged between some of the treads of the shoes, which I removed, a bigger concern was that the part of the sole at the heel was very visibly worn compared to the rest of the sole.  Apparently I drag my feet.  Well, ever since this was brought to my attention I’ve been extra conscious of every step I take, making sure to actually lift  my feet rather than just shuffle on along.  The picking up of the feet result in every step beginning with my toes rather than my heels, which reminds me of how in ballet your toes should be the first thing to touch down on the floor and the last thing to leave the ground.  The first day I tried walking in this new pattern it was so hard to get used to, and very tiring.  I think I’m getting stronger though because now it’s no longer tiring and is starting to feel almost natural. Now whenever I put my heel down first  I actually notice, whereas before that was my norm.  

I’m not going to lie, though – I am extremely sore! Good thing I don’t have to be at school for y academic classes for another few hours today. I think this may be one day I’ll be taking the elevator.




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