When Life Handed Me Lemons…

I made myself a tall glass of homemade lemonade!

During my morning walk to walk off my leg muscle soreness from yesterday, I started getting crazy lemonade cravings.  It could have just been thirst – though I was drinking plenty of water – but I think I specifically was looking for the tangy sweetness of lemonade.  Luckily, I remembered that I had a few lemons left in the fridge, so it wouldn’t involve having to go by the store.

Once home I gathered my ingredients: 4 lemons (though they were juicy, so I ended up using only 2), some cold water, and honey (I don’t eat processed sugar).  Then I set out to look for a nice big glass ( because in my lemonade fantasies I was having the whole way home, I was picturing a glass, so any other kind of vessel to hold liquid just wouldn’t do.  Just kidding, I would have still drank it, obviously.  But isn’t it better when the picture in your head matches the picture in “real” life?).

After squeezing two of the lemons and seeing the quantity of juice, I poured the juice into the glass, filled the glass up to almost the top with cold water, and then added 2 teaspoons of honey.  The honey didn’t dissolve into the lemony water as well as I’ve seen it dissolve into plain water, so that was an oopsy on my part.  A lot of stirring later and it was fine though.

An added bonus is that the honey and lemon will further help soothe my still-recovering-from-a-cold throat while providing lots of energy.



Lemons, lemon juice squeezer thingy, honey, and the finished product.

Edited 9/22/14 to add: Last friday I was buying more lemons – this lemonade is addictive! – at the farmer’s market and the lady selling me the lemons and I ended up having a conversation about lemonade. She asked if I added chia seeds in it, which I hadn’t but it reminded me that I could. So I’ve been doing that now.  They’re rich in omega-3’s and essential fatty acids, as well as a good source or protein and fiber. So that combined with the carbs from the honey ends up practically making this a meal replacement that gives you lots of energy without feeling “heavy” or overstuffed.

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