Fitness Goals Update

Since it’s been two weeks since I renewed my commitment to exercise – all for the sake of improving my ballet skills – I figured it was time for some updates. The accountability factor of writing how it’s going should also help keep me motivated, which is something that I really need.

I’ve been doing my theraband exercises almost every single day.  Besides the ankle and feet strengthening ones,  I’ve incorporated some for my thighs and turn out.  These exercises can be found on an awesome blog that I’ve found called If The Pointe Shoe Fits (which I would link to, but can’t, because for whatever reason the linking feature here on WordPress has only been working for me when it wants to, and it hasn’t wanted to for this whole month. Much apologies, and I will fix it the next time it’s working.)

Anyway, I can see a visible improvement already.  I’m one of those people who carry (excess) weight in their stomach (ugh, especially there, unfortunately), upper hips, back, arms – basically anywhere but the legs – so there isn’t really a lot of fat to hide the fact that my muscles weren’t developed enough.  The past few days though, I’ve felt like my legs looked a bit “meatier” which is good.

It really sucks, because I’m short-waisted, which translates to: my midsection always looks wide unless I’m really thin. In contrast, my legs look too long and stick-like. So the extra muscle in the legs really balances my body out.


I cried unconsolably when I first found this picture because I realized that there was nothing I could do, it’s all genetics.  Before I lived in a happy fairytale world where everyone can reach their goals if they only try hard enough. 

My getting-down-and-back-up from the floor transitions are also showing a little bit of improvement.  It generally feels as though the movement is smoother, and I can do more of them.  They are by no means perfect – I keep clenching my arms with the effort – but way better than during last semester when I actually had to rest my hand on my thigh to help me get up or down.

Enough about the lower body. What about the upper half?


Yes, I realize my hand looks wrong!  But the main point is me whining about my upper arms while wearing my leotard.

Still been doing the Shakeweight. In my arms I have not seen as much improvement as I would like, to be honest.  My upper arms still look horrible in my leotard when I put my arms out to second.  I’m trying to think positive and not get too down on myself but I worry that this is one of those issues that won’t get resolved.  Thought about switching to a different style of leotard, since perhaps where the sleeves end is aggravating the problem.  Perhaps a slightly longer sleeved style would be more aesthetically pleasing.  Boy, is the next heat wave going to suck… Oh and a tank-top style leotard is also out because I have to wear not one but two(!) sport bras to class in order to not feel “bouncy”, which pushes up my remaining back and underarm flab.

Right before writing this  I attempted pull-ups to see if there is any improvement in that area. Short answer: no.  Two weeks ago I couldn’t do any pull-ups and today I can kind of do almost one.  Don’t know if the problem is that Shakeweight is not very effective or if I’m just so weak that I need lots of improvement before any will be apparent.  Been debating actually going to the gym (well, the free one here at our apartment complex), and I really dislike going to the gym, so that should show how serious I am about getting some upper body strength.

Walking has been going great though. I’ve increased the frequency of my walks and I’ve actually lost a pound or two since I started this fitness semi-challenge, so that’s awesome.  Surely I’m at – maybe even above – my pre-injury fitness level and that makes me happy. Overall, lately I’ve just been feeling pretty darn happy…

Also, this time of year is my favorite, the mild weather lends itself to walking and doing outdoors stuff more than the extreme heat of the summertime. I’m glad it’s fall, which along with spring is my favorite of the seasons. Now, if we are talking about The Four Seasons, then my favorites for sure are winter and summer, in that order.

Anyway, here’s to fitness and the beginning of fall.

2 thoughts on “Fitness Goals Update

  1. annalienor

    Please don’t hate your body type! Long, thin legs are great for ballet, they make a beautiful line. And you have nice feet, too.
    I’m exactly the opposite, my legs are short and fatter than the rest of my body.

    1. flowergirlkit Post author

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I was about to start picking myself apart, and then told myself “Just take the compliment!”, something I obviously need to work on.
      So again, thank you.


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