World Ballet Day Wednesday

First of all, happy World Ballet Day and happy October!

Morning class

Rather than have class we watched streaming footage from World Ballet Day.  I’m primarily a youtube ballet watcher – I haven’t actually been to a professional ballet performance in real life before, yet – and I enjoy watching company class videos as much as full scale performances, so I was having a grand old time.

It was awesome watching ballet with other people who also like ballet! In a way, it’s like now I know why people who are into sports look all disappointed if they ask me if I’m into it and I say “Well, I’ll watch it if it’s on, but I won’t seek it out, and I could care less who wins or loses.” It’s just more fun when the other people watching it with you are as into it as you are! Now I know…

We were all specially into the part when the company men were doing their jumps and turns.  I love how the men in ballet are able to jump so unbeliebably high.  It was also nice watching ballet with someone knowledgeble about it (Teacher), so we could ask random questions about the pros.

I know it wasn’t like a regular ballet class, but it was still a great way to spend a morning.

Evening class

Evening class went well. Our regular teacher was back (yay!)

Actually, I’m getting ahead of myself. The good news is that I remembered my wallet so I was able to attend class. The bad news is that I forgot my ballet shoes at home.  Why does it seem like I always forget something?

I have this checklist on (one of – those things aren’t big enough for all those veggies) our refrigerator(s) that reminds me what to pack for lunch for school, so my absentminded self won’t leave an item behind.  Before I had that list I seriously used to pace around the kitchen, wasting like 20 minutes, trying to remember what to pack (and often I would forget something anyway. Which is not good since I only eat food I bring from home, for budget and/or health reasons.)  Anyway, I think I need to make a ballet class checklist also.

So I did class in my socks today.  As I’ve previously mentioned (I think…) balancing is easier for me while wearing socks or barefoot than while wearing my slippers, so I got to take advantage of that.  Nice long balances today, even while moving the arms. It is also so much easier to point my feet without my shoes since I wear full sole slippers.

In class I didn’t really make too many mistakes, or maybe it was just that I didn’t get many corrections.  When balancing in releve sous sus with my arms in high fifth I had my shoulders high, so I got corrected on that.  But mostly the teacher focused on correcting the newer students that were not keeping their legs straight while tonduing or sticking their butts out while plieing.  I always do that thing of whenever a correction is given to anyone I check to see if it applies to me, so I still feel like I’m learning either way.

In between classes I did do a home practice session since I am getting used to my double dose of ballet wednesday.  Let’s see, what can I report? My degage and piques without holding on are getting more stable every day, and I’ve discovered that I love doing balances (balan-says, not balancing) to the Sleeping Beauty waltz. The timing just seems to fit perfectly. I’ve also been practicing “finishing” after my chaines. Teacher said she wants us to chasse and then 1st arabesque arms, but so far the best I got is to tendu one of my feet – for some reason usually the left leg regardless of which direction I was chaines-ing – back while doing the arabesque arms.  But I’ll get there!

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