Fitness Goals Update 6

Yes, I realize this Fit Tuesday update is a week late… too many things on my plate last week (looks like an accidental pun… get it? because Thanksgiving and “too much on my plate”?).


Been running/jogging for going on 7 weeks. (It’ll be exactly 7 weeks on thursday)

Running/jogging is going great! By now I have worked up to doing up to 12 laps around the park, though on lazier days I’ll only do 9 or 10.  My speed may have also increased, because as I increased to 10 laps I noticed that I was still taking around the same amount of time as I had been with 9 the week before.  I have still not invested in a pedometer – but I’m definitely thinking about it, especially as I get more and more into fitness – so I have no idea what distance I’m actually running.

Today, since it was raining – don’t want to slip on mud and twist an ankle – I did something different: I went to the gym here at my apartments and ran on the treadmill.  It had been about a decade since the last time I used a treadmill, so it took some getting used to. While I had feared that it would be boring – as I like to run out at the park and enjoy the early morning sights – since I took some headphones it was actually not that bad.  The gym overlooks the pool, so I got to listen to some music while watching the rain fall into the pool.  It was actually quite lovely, and my 25 minute run went by faster than I had expected.

Apparently (going by the stats on the treadmill), I was running at around 11 minutes per mile, or 5.5 mph. Hey, it’s better than high school!  Perhaps I will periodically run at the gym so I can see if my stats improve.

For my records...

For my records…

After finishing my jog, I’m still doing jumping jacks and galloping lunges.  100 jumping jacks, 4 sets of 8 galloping lunges on each side. One day I was able to find the energy to do 5 sets, but most days my legs feel like they’re gonna give out by the time I’m on my third set and I can barely force myself to do 4 sets.

Don’t know whether to include these under strength or cardio (perhaps both?)  but I’ve also been doing additional exercises for the past two weeks or so after finding the fitness guide that came with my ab wheel. Specifically, I’m doing mountain climbers and burpees.  I’ve seen youtube videos of people doing these like it’s nothing but they get me so exhausted – I love it!  The fitness guide says to go from one exercise to the next without a break, but I find that – at least for now – I totally need to rest in between.


It has now been 12 weeks since I began strength training (which to me means any kind of non-cardio exercise, not including ballet)

Continued doing slow lunges for my thighs, theraband exercises for my turnout (also thighs) as well as ankles, ab wheel exercises and bicycle kicks for my abs, push ups for my upper body strength.

While I feel that my push ups are getting better, I still can’t do them in the regular position, only the knee-assisted position.  No big deal, I’m sure I’ll get there eventually.  Also, I still can’t do a complete pull up, just kind of pull myself up to the bar but I can’t get my chin up over it like I used to three years ago.  According to the fitness trainer instructions that came with my ab wheel, I’m supposed to keep attempting them until I’m finally able to do them. That’s very, ummmm, discouraging for me, to keep attempting – and failing – the same thing over and over, so I don’t really try them as often as I should. Perhaps that’s the mistake I’m making… but 3 years ago when I did them for the first time in my life it had been so easy. Just walked up to the bar, grabbed it, and pulled myself up. Weird, how quickly strength can leave unless those muscles are being constantly used.

I’ve still been doing some yoga to help with my overall flexibility and relaxation.  Some day I’ll be able to do a handstand and that’ll be really cool.  In the meantime, still working on it and enjoying my increased stability and flexibility.  This is the most flexible I’ve been my whole life, and given how some people go on about flexibility going downhill once you hit your 30’s, I’m thrilled.  I’ve always had a thing about defying expectations…

Which reminds me, Teacher said that to increase our back flexibility (for cambres) we could do bridges to stretch and strengthen our backs.  To be honest, I have never, ever, ever in my life been able to do a back bridge. It’s not for lack of trying; my best friend in elementary school was this freak of nature that could do bridges, walkovers, handstands, cartweels (2 and 1 handed), backflips, you name it – all without training or classes of any kind.  I would tag along, attempting to imitate her, but never managed to do any of the things I just listed. So, I’m kind of hoping that in adulthood I’ll be able to do all those nifty things someday. For now, my goal is to start with bridges and go from there.

In fact, let’s make this day one of a new goal: to do a back bridge.  In order to reach this goal I will continue to work on my upper body strength, as well as attempt a bridge after each workout. Since today is day 1, I attempted it and got my head about an inch off the floor. My arms were trembling! I wonder how long it’ll take to reach my goal? I’ve got to stay positive and assume that if I put in the work I will reach my goal…

2 thoughts on “Fitness Goals Update 6

    1. flowergirlkit Post author

      Thanks! If it wasn’t for ballet – specifically, my struggles with jumps – I don’t think I would have even considered working out. I can be pretty lazy too…


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