Last 2 Class Wednesday For A Bit

Last class of the ballet semester – so sad!

Going to coupe releve is a strange feeling. My body wants to do passe releve since I’ve practiced that so many freaking times, or alternately wants to do a releve sous-sus and then bring up the foot to coupe. Today we really practiced bringing the foot up – but only to coupe – while releveing, all in one fluid motion.

I’m getting so much better about not getting lost when I we do both sides without stopping with soutenus.  Frappes and petit battements are coming along too.

My ecchape changements (not the jump kind, but the sliding your feet like if it was a sous-sus but instead out to second and back to fifth but switching feet) at the barre, but without holding the barre are so much better as well.  I’m finding that my balance when doing things barre-less has been improving so much. Unfortunately, during the first combination of the day (when I haven’t warmed up all the way yet) I still have trouble with holding that first balance in first position.  Once I get warmed up my balance improves so much. Specifically, what gets me warmed up is 8-8-4-4-2-2-1-1-1-1 degages; just something I’ve noticed.

In center, our jumping combination (2 echappes, 2 soubresauts, pas de chat, pas de bourree, other side) was really fast. Fast is something that I could possibly do if I didn’t have to also worry about which move to do next. So I kind of sucked at it. Saut de chats feel wierd; if I didn’t have the mirror to prove other wise,I would think I’m doing it 100% completely wrong (not to say I’m doing it perfectly right, but in my head I’m thinking there’s just no way it’s even close!). Soubresauts are fun, like a 5th position version of a 4th position chasse gallop or something. Besides the sautes, I think they’re the only jump I manage to point my feet in.

During the 4 balancè, step to arabesque, pas de bourree, passe releve (optional pirouette), then other side combination, today I actually made it all the way around in one of my pirouettes (I attempted the other ones but got around somewhere between 1/2 to 3/4’s of the way…). The one I completed was an en dehors pirouette starting from fourth with my right leg behind, so turning towards the right.  It was pretty cool, I thought, as some of my classmates did doubles or triples.  Specifically one girl, who happens to be very pregnant. There go my excuses about not being able to do it because my body is off balance!

No, but seriously, I’m pretty happy – wait, why do I have to minimize it? I’m thrilled! – overall with my progress this semester. I keep remembering back to where my progress was about a year ago and I remember thinking back then that I would be so happy if only I could do certain things that I couldn’t at the time. Stuff like pas de bourree back and forth (with arms of course) without losing my balance for like 30 seconds, fondues and developpes in center, quick rond de jambes in center all without tipping over, balancés (the move, still working on my balance), chaines across the living room (at least), and probably lots more that I can’t think of off the top of my head, but I do during practice time. And at times I feel pretty damn satisfied.

It’s just easier to remember that when there aren’t a bunch of amazing dancers around me… I never said that my thought process always makes sense. I know logically that it’s pointless to compare, but find myself doing it anyway. How to resist an unconscious thought process habit that has been ingrained in my way of thinking for so long. It’s like that thing I read about ballet that it’s 7 (I think?) times harder to unlearn a bad habit than to learn a new habit, or the right way of doing it or something.

evening class

Most people in class today were new, and there was only one person I recognized. One of the other students. whom I’d never seen before,  said that I looked very official, referring to my leotard and tights and probably my bunned hair.  I replied that my other class has a dress code, which is typical of my social awkwardness.  I suck at knowing how to respond to things people say sometimes…

E Teacher didn’t give us super challenging barre combinations tonight, but they weren’t the easiest kind either.  But still fun. The blinds were down on the windows that overlook the street, so there was no awkward overeager passerby moments either. My balances were pretty stable tonight as well.

For some reason, my jumps were off. Including my sautes, which surprised me.  I’m not too concerned though, my legs are feeling pretty tired (we did a lot of piques this morning) and sore after morning class and I think I didn’t eat a substantial enough snack before class. Also, the timing was really fast.

Chaînes to the right went surprisingly well. I think my sides are starting to even out more. Unfortunately, we ran out of time before pique turns. But it was still a fun class.

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