Is It Just Me…

… or is the new WordPress set-up/interface/operation system/ whatever-you-freaking-call-it – I am so not technologically literate sometimes (thus, showing my age) – incredibly confusing,  though, once you get the hang of it, addictively fascinating?

I’m still not sure if I like the changes…

On the one hand, it took me forever to figure out how even create a new post. Not to mention that it appears that my cute world map showing my gains in world domination readership is gone. And that’s sad, because I really liked that map; I would get a kick out of seeing a brand new country colored in and I thought it’d be awesome to see if it would ever fill up completely. Imagine, my first visitor from like, Antartica, or something. And I really liked how the old Stats page just had everything, like, all laid out without the need to scroll around and stuff.

On the other hand, once I started poking around a bit, I found that I can do cool stuff, like look up my number of posts per month and how many views they got back in the day and other trivia, but while cool, I still don’t think they make up for the los of my map.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of ballet-related content in this post.  Better yet, let’s fix that; since my last class I’ve been working on my fondues to releve and they’re going great, as are my pique turns.  My passe releve is slowly – but surely – coming along as well, and my half-pirouettes are stable. Can’t wait until class tomorrow!

Next day edit w/ pictures!

old view

old view

new view

new view

6 thoughts on “Is It Just Me…

  1. Paulina

    I miss the map, too. I kept asking myself: who reads me in China or Burkina Faso and why does he/she? I guess the map is still somewhere around, but so far I was not able to find it.

    1. kit Post author

      Yeah, there are some countries that I’ve gotten visits from that make me go “Really? I thought ballet (or any activity featuring people – especially ladies – in skin-tight clothing) would be, like, highly discouraged there, or the internet was censored or something.” Ahh, if only the search engines revealed what search led them there.

  2. wedoballet

    Hey… I found it. Go to where it lists the countries and click on the title “countries” at the top of the box. BAM map. 🙂 Switch it to year first if you want to see all the stuff because you cant change the date range once you’re in there… I don’t think.

    1. kit Post author

      Thanks for the heads up – found it! You’re right, you do have to choose the year before clicking on “countries”.
      The new map is based around the color green instead of red; makes it hard to differentiate between the countries, in my opinion. I updated the post with comparison pictures.

      1. wedoballet

        Yeah, I agree… the grey-green is about as brilliant visually as it is logically. There’s almost no way to tell a “new” country because rarely appearing countries are so close to the blank color. It’s no my favorite.

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