Wednesday: A Test, A Hike, And A Class

Finally made it into a ballet class today, first class since last wednesday.  It felt so good to be in class, though I wasn’t dancing at my best. Apparently that brisk-paced hike I went on this morning –  since there’s no more morning class, and I happened to be in the area, having had just taken my written test for ballet blass (which I’m pretty sure I did great on, being my third time taking it) – was not a good idea after all.

My legs, especially my thighs, were feeling tired and a little tight.  Usually the days I have class I take off from exercising, so my legs were not used to it.  The coolest thing  is that even though my legs were exhausted I was able to hold all my balances, none of that shakiness that I used to get when I tried to balance on tired legs. Must mean my legs have gotten stronger – yay! Since the class’ level is not particularly hard at all, considering the kind of things we were doing in my semester class, it was definitely possible to keep up.  I just kept making little distracted mistakes involving timing and stuff like that.

Actually, I guess I take it back.  This class’ level can get somewhat hard because E Teacher likes to do barre combinations with changes in timing throughout, like 2 slow and 3 fast. This is actually something I like about this class, just that tonight I was feeling a bit out of it. I’ve had an eventful – though not ballet-ful, unfortunately – last few days and I’m in the middle of final’s week at school, so I was just not as focused as usual, or something.

We did a developpe combination tonight, which we don’t usually do, so that was nice. Nothing complicated, just developpe en croix.  E Teacher gave me a correction on my grand battement devant (front) – I was bringing my upper body forward when bringing my leg up.  She also said I was using the front of the leg muscles rather than correctly using the back of the leg muscles.

I like getting corrections; it helps you learn – obviously – and it also makes me feel like the teacher didn’t totally give up on me, thus deeming me unteachable, a lost cause.However, when I get a correction I tend to get flustered and start making dumb mistakes like closing back instead of front on a even number. I’m sure this has more to do with my social anxiety than anything else, but it sucks and I hate it – yeah, that sounded mature, LOL. But I just wish I could apply the correctiojn without messing up like five other things in the process.

In center after our saute, echappe, changement exercise we got to do 3 glissades and pas de bourree across the floor. It was fun, and I felt like I was getting into the swing of things. We then chaines, to the right and to the left. The ones to the right went better than to the left today, in (big) part because the wall on the right side has lots of colorful bright designs that can be easily picked out to spot, but the left wall is actually windows overlooking the street (which today were covered by the blinds, thankfully, but that meant there was nothing to spot but a big gray blur. I also need to work on my fear of crashing into people while chaines-ing which then makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A week from now until next class feels like such a long, long time…

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