As I was passing by the cheese aisle, I came across this. The word jumped out at me – Fondue!  One of my favorite barre steps. Alas, it’s not quite the right kind of fondue… LOL


Totally inspired me to do a couple foundues right then and there. Ok, more like 5 minutes later, in a more private aisle in the store. That’s one thing grocery store floors are good for: practicing ballet.

Anyway, I guess I’ll stop rambling now. Oh, and no, I did not buy it, though I was tempted (at least until I read the nutrition panel label, LOL)

4 thoughts on “Fondue

  1. Ilde

    Interesting, “fondu” is French for “melted”, which is pretty much what the step does! The spelling here with the “e” is, I think, an anglicised version. I love how one can take pretty much all the ballet terms and take their meaning to explain/deduce what the steps are: glissé – glide; frappé – strike; jeté – thrown; dégage – release. (I’m a translator/word nerd and I love looking up things like this! I could carry on…)

    1. kit Post author

      Yeah, ballet-French is cool, though at first difficult to learn for a non-French speaker. Mostly the pronounciation part; I remember I started recognizing the overall sound of the things my First Teacher said (and thus was able to know what move she was talking about) way long before I was able to match any of the words to their spelling. It was something like “I didn’t know half of those letters were in that word!” Much easier the next semester…


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