Decisions, Decisions…

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Lately I’ve been incredibly stressed out, though ballet is never far from my mind. Hoping for a distraction from my recent stresses, I was looking forward to catching The Nutcracker this weekend. I have two options: A) a local non-professional company, with guest stars who are professionals as Principal Dancers, performing the ballet live, or B) a Fathom event showing of the Bolshoi Ballet’s The Nutcracker.

There is no option C) both – though I wish. The performances are on the same weekend so there’s no way I can pull that one off.

The pros of A are that it’s live (duh) and the hour of the performance is more convenient to my schedule. The pros of B are that it’s the freaking Bolshoi Ballet! I think I would go to a Fathom Event just to watch them take class!

On the other hand, it’s not live… but it is on an enormous screen… and the time is inconvenient, though not impossible…

Making decisions is not one of my strong points.

Anyone care to chime in? Which would you rather watch, a live performance of local non-professional company or a broadcast theater performance by world famous Bolshoi Ballet?

Wanna watch the Bolshoi Ballet’s Nutcracker this Sunday? Check out Fathom Events at:

Edit 12/20:

It was decided; we are going to see the local performance. We got our tickets today and apparently there was a student discound. So we got even better seats than I thought we would for around the same price. Can’t wait, so excited!

8 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions…

  1. Adeline

    I would go to the live performance! I think the atmosphere will be much more lovely and festive. And it’s always nice to give a chance to a non-professional company and encourage such initiatives.
    DVDs of the The Bolshoi’s Nutcracker are available and you can even find it online. The screen might not be as big as a cinema screen but you can hit pause and rewind etc. Plus, I’m sure they will air it again next year or the year after 🙂

  2. asher

    I’m with Adeline — if I had to choose just one, is go for the local company for exactly the same reasons.

    Also, I feel like maybe a non-pro company might bring its own special magic to the table!

    1. kit Post author

      True. And having been in that auditorium, for my college’s own dance producions, I know that even the worst seat (having sat in it personally) is close enough to see the expression on the dancer’s face!

  3. wedoballet

    Hmmm, if I didn’t know any of the kids in the production, I’d probably go with the Bolshoi since it sounds like you’re really hankering for a dose of BALLET PRODUCTION.
    That being said, we skipped the major professional Nutcracker this year and are only going to The Ballet School (which is a pretty major production in the area, definitely the most respected among the SCHOOL shows… but still a SCHOOL production). We enjoy the atmosphere and BoyMowgli loves seeing the kids he knows and looks up to on the stage… If it were up to him we’d see all the productions. If were just me, I’d skip Nutcracker all together… or head to New York and see NYCB do their thing.

    1. kit Post author

      Yes, a big part of it is that I wanted to see the Bolshoi, but then again, they’ll be doing a Swan Lake showing in a month which I was planning on attending…
      While I don’t know anyone in the small show personally, it is at the auditorium at my college, so in a way there is that personal connection – sort of. And I looked up more information and perhaps they are sort of a big deal around here. And I just remembered that one of my classmates told me he went last year and had a good time.
      I’m heavily leaning towards the local production now…though NYCB live sounds awesome!


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