New Year’s Eve Netflix Surfing…

picture courtesy of the internet

picture courtesy of the internet

Spent a fun, quiet New Year’s Eve at home watching movies in my sweats – ring in the New Year in style! As Wednesdays are my ballet evening class days, it means one more week with no class – boo!

Anyway, I ended up watching ballet clips on youtube and watching ballet related movies on Netflix.  First, up Ballerina, which is my favorite ballet documentary on Netflix.  Then, I don’t remember if it was suggested to me, or maybe I was just browsing through titles, I came across a movie called Street Dance (3D).  Wouldn’t have caught my attention, except in the description it mentioned something about a ballet academy. Ok, sure, why not? What do I have to lose…

The premise is that a street dance crew has an upcoming competition and nowhere to practice. Through some (very unrealistic) turn of events, they end up being given permission to practice in the studio of a ballet academy. The catch? They must include some of the ballet dancers – whom the teacher is hoping to inspire – in their street dance style dance.

Predictably, both sides initially clash then eventually come together and put on the best performance of their lives. Pretty terrible dialogue, and unrealistic – but then, what do I know, I’ve never been in either a conservative dance academy, nor a street dance team – situations (maybe food fights are common occurences…), but I did enjoy listening to the main character’s accent. Hey, it may not be such a bad movie, but to be fair the target audience is probably about half my age…

I did end up at times making generous use of the fast-forward button, but the dancing sequences themselves are not bad. Basically, a fusion of ballet and street dance. It was neat seeing what ballet dancers could do with their strength if they danced a different style.  A very creative use of the Waltz of the Sugar Plum Fairy is involved.

Check it out; what do you have to lose…

And I guess anything that gets more people interested in ballet is a good thing, right?

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Netflix Surfing…

    1. kit Post author

      Just a heads up, the home video (Netflix) version is not in 3D… just in case you were looking forward to it. But apparently there is a sequel (which I just may check out later tonight).


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