More Netflix Surfing…

My ballet-related Netflix surfing continues…

First up was the sequel to Street Dance (3D), Street Dance 2 (what’s next, the threequel being called Street Dance 1 LOL).  As it was not ballet related whatsover, I quickly grew bored and didn’t finish watching it…

I then searched for the word “Dance”. And up pops Dance Academy.

I see this show is from 2010. As a person who doesn’t watch tv, not counting Netflix, I’m used to being behind the times. Whatever.

Besides, when I get into a show I like to watch all the seasons through. I’m not big on end-of-season cliffhangers.

So I decided to watch it. This will keep me occupied, as well as my home practice sessions, on the ballet-related front until my next class.

Opening scene: young girl doing barre out in the great outdoors (a pasture for livestock, we find out). Ok, you got my attention. But then, the quote “… in another life I could fly, and that’s why, in this life, I dance.” Whoa! Blew My Mind. I felt like “Girl, get out of my head!”

We’ll see how I feel about this show by the time I’m done watching it (I just finished the first episode). So far I like the scenes that involve dancing and class, but the other scenes are, I don’t know… boring? Predictable? Unrealistic? (How is even possible for something to be both predictable and unrealistic anyway?)

The outdoor dancing scene from the first episode is amazing, the main character, Tara, looked so happy while dancing.  I loved watching it – and rewinding and rewatching – but at the same time the logistics was bothering me. Is it possible to dance en pointe on grass?

Sometimes it’s hard for me to suspend disbelief and enjoy movies. That’s why I usually just end up watching documentaries and ballet…

Oh, and it’s apparently on youtube as well.

But I like subtitles (they keep me from getting bored when there’s no pretty dancing to look at), so Netflix it is.

13 thoughts on “More Netflix Surfing…

  1. Adeline

    Do you know Mao’s last dancer? I really like this movie. The Red shoes and The Company are good too. And, of course, Billy Elliot 🙂
    But I mainly watch documentaries too. Only When I dance (it’s a lot like First Position), La danse: The Paris Opera Ballet and Pina are among my favorites

      1. kit Post author

        Wait, I think I did watch First Position when it was on Netflix last year. Was it the one about the Youth American Grand Prix, or something like that?
        If so, I liked the South American boy who was living and training with his ballet teacher, and the orphaned girl from the war-torn country who had been adopted by American parents. Their stories were really inspirational.
        The other kids came across as spolied in my opinion…

    1. kit Post author

      “Sweet Valley High full of tutus” – nailed it! That’s the perfect description right there.
      Which reminds me, there was a Sweet Valley book, I think it was Twins, not High, that told the story of the twins starting ballet (at age 12) – and all the corresponding (unrealistic) challenges. I specifically remember that the class was recital-good after just a short while (if I remember correctly, they performed Coppelia), and that the Madame disliked one of the twins for showing up to the first class wearing lots of make-up and ribbons in her hair, from then on not seeing her as a serious dancer. But it did capture the feelings of jealousy that occur when the teacher plays favorites… hmmm, I think I will hunt down old young adult ballet-related literature now on amazon!

  2. Ilde

    Damn… Another thing I’m sorry (unhappy!!) that we don’t have in South Africa: Netflix. Maybe better so, or I’d get nothing done! Thanks to the others’ suggestions too.

  3. jenerators

    There are the years’ worth of Dance Academy. Why do you need subtitles? Do you not understand Australian?
    Also look for The Secret Lives Of Dancers (about the Royal New Zealand Ballet) and Breaking Pointe.

    1. kit Post author

      I understand Australian, LOL. I love the accents!
      However, as a 30-something woman, the “teen-drama” aspect of it is a bit boring to me; I’m just not at the same stage in life as these teens. So while I love watching the class scenes and dancing scenes, I tend to lose interest when the scene is all about who has a crush on whom and stuff like that. And I’ve discovered that when I watch something with subtitles I’m “forced” to pay attention. I read better than I listen, just the way my mind works…
      Thanks for the additional suggestions, I’ll keep an eye out for them 🙂

  4. Erika Covarrubias

    I absolutely loved Dance Academy. I’ve watched it twice through now, this last time with my boyfriend. Tara got on my nerves but I adore Abigail. She’s possibly my favorite dancer on that show.

    1. kit Post author

      I’ve only gotten about halfway thru the first season so far, but I can see that Abigail is determined to be a Principal Dancer. I like the determination! Tara is a bit unfocused and boy-crazy, which is annoying as an adult, but makes me want to smack myself when I realize that at her age I was probably that way too…
      Did you boyfriend enjoy the show?


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