Another Fun Wednesday Class

Ever since last semester ended, I’ve just been thinking that it’s sad when you’re only taking one class a week because that makes it pretty much the highlight of the week. As in, each day I think ‘(This many) days ’till ballet class’  and I get happy when I realize it’s ballet-day.

Barre felt good today. I don’t know how to explain it, I just felt so on.  Since there was some brand-new-to-ballet students today, barre was pretty basic, but I got to work on my basic technique and timing. This helps especially during rond de jambes, which are so fun that I’ll just want to do them way too fast! Today my timing was closer to right, and I managed to not mess up on the closing of any of my tendus (the whole odd number=switch, even number=don’t switch thing) which is really an annoying mistake to make since I feel that I know better. Sometimes I just feel so unfocused, but not today – I was multitasking!

During the (extremely long) passe releve balancing at the barre, E Teacher corrected my hip alignment; I was lifting my working leg side hip, kind of leaning towards the barre.  It was a good correction, definitely something that is hard for me to notice on my own.

Today I realized that I actually enjoy watching myself in the mirror balance in releve sous-sus with arms in high fifth. It’s like, if someone told me “Quick! Do something ballet-ish!” I would confidently do that. I was also liking my ballet hands; I think having class only once a week has made it so that I end up appreciating the little things more instead of complaining about what I don’t  like. Something to think about…

In center we did the same tendu-plie-passe combination  from the last couple weeks that gets progressively harder until we’re pirouetting (en dehors, from fifth) instead of just balancing.  To the right I actually made it all the way around today, which was cool. I’ve been practicing my pirouettes from fourth, which are way easier in my opinion, but not from fifth, so I was a bit surprised. But a good kind of surprise. Of course, to the other side I only made it about a quarter of the way. I’m still working on that spotting head motion.

It’s so weird because these pirouettes are from fifth and with the foot that is going into passe in the front, and the ones I’ve been practicing are from fourth and start with the passe-foot in the back, which gives leverage or something. While these from fifth seem way harder they also seem more controlled, as in I’m less likely to go flying across the floor.

We also did a new combination: 4 balancés, tombe, pas de bourree, passe releve (optional pirouette?), repeat other side. What was throwing me off was it’s similarity to the combination we had been doing in morning class over the last semester – super similar, in fact, just a softer step into arabesque instead of tombe – and the fact that we weren’t doing arms. It felt a bit awkward balancé-ing with arms out to second the whole time.  But I felt a bit weird about doing arms because only the obviously-best dancer in the class did arms, and she also did a lot of cool awesome ballet things I can’t do yet like that sideways tilt I can’t figure out yet how to do that makes it look like it’s real ballet.

Left class in a happy mood, actually didn’t mind the traffic on the way home.

11 thoughts on “Another Fun Wednesday Class

    1. kit Post author

      Thanks 🙂 Learning the terminology is just one of the perks of taking classes through a community college program!
      Seriously though, we get tested on them, and I knew first semester that it wasn’t my dance ability that was going to get me a good grade, and I’m kinda obsessive about my grades – and ballet – so it just kind of happened that way…

      1. kit Post author

        I was attending regular classes there already, and two years ago while deciding what fun elective to take that semester I chose ballet. The rest was history, LOL.
        It’s 14 (or 15, I forget) weeks, 2 1.5 hour classes a week for the extremely affordable price of $46 (about the cost of 3.8 of my drop-in classes). Love this deal, it’s the only way I can afford multiple classes a week. The instructors are top quality as well, my Teacher is an ex-pro ballerina.
        The cons (or more pros depending how one looks at it) are there is academic work involved, like learning ballet-French, being tested on the history of ballet, and writing critiques on dance performances. Oh, and potentially humiliating final exams. But I have so grown to love it!

  1. asher

    Ha, I think the sous-sus releve with arms in high fifth is my default “Do something ballet-ish!” thing, too 😀

    It’s pretty cool that you’ve found some good things about having one class per week. It makes me want to rethink my frustration about this semester’s ballet schedule, take astep back, and ask myself, “How can I benefit from this?”

    Way to go!

    1. kit Post author

      Yeah, it’s just such a pretty/graceful pose, and unlike other pretty/graceful poses, I don’t ruin it by unpredictably toppling over 1/2 the time. I’m working on a releve arabesque to be my next “Do something ballet-ish!” thing, but until I feel secure in my stability, sous-sus it is!
      Don’t get me wrong, I’m still pretty frustrated at my reduced ballet schedule (and at times I ask myself questions like “A 2 hour – 4 hour round trip – drive is not too far to drive for a ballet class, right?” (“Yes. It is,” says the Voice of Common Sense)). There’s been a lot of whining and “if only”s going on, trust me. But I guess I should be appreciative that I was able to find some good in all of this. So weird that it happened as I least expected it, too; if someone had told me “List off benefits of your lack of ballet” I’m sure I would have come up with nothing.
      So, thanks 🙂

    1. kit Post author

      I’m still working on the head tilt during plies at barre, during anything else I’m lost (as far as the head goes). Can’t do the body “corner-to-corner” during changements (yet!) either – I’m still working on pointing those feet!
      But besides the head, during balances (the waltzy move) when people that look like they know what they’re doing do them, they kind of tilt their entire upper body, sort of like leaning into the move as the arms go. I have seriously NO IDEA how to do that! It may be in the shoulders…but who knows…


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