Come Out To Center! LOL

I was reading this website I found, which I really wish I had read before my first class ever (and if anyone reading has not had a class yet – or even if you have – I recommend reading it as well), and it was discussing the progression of a typical ballet class.  So, at some point it says how after barre the teacher will say to “come out to center!” (I guess they don’t put the barres away as a class? Edit: Nevermind, it says clear away the barres literally right on top of where it said to “come to center”.  Guess my attention span needed work that day.), but by “center” they don’t mean literally the center of the room, just you know, away from the barres.  And it made me laugh so hard, not just the visual of everybody huddled in the exact center of the room, but also because that is so unlikely to happen.  In fact, pretty much every teacher I’ve ever had has to tell everyone that they can come forward, there’s plenty of room up near the front, that she’s not going to bite, etc. But no, we insist in hiding in the back, LOL. Which kind of sucks, honestly, as I don’t like feeling crowded in while balleting, but the front – so intimidating! (Even if it was the teacher’s idea, LOL)

Anyway, good website for beginners :

(I am in no way affiliated with, nor have I tried their products available for sale or endorse them or any other stuff (though they may be awesome, for all I know). Just stumbled across the site while searching for the possibility that maybe, just maybe a new studio that has adult ballet classes would pop up, and thought ‘This site looks super helpful for people that want to try ballet and have never taken a class! Lots of (free) info!’

4 thoughts on “Come Out To Center! LOL

  1. Joyce

    I always wind up in the front line for center, not because of confidence, but because I hate feeling crowded and also I love prime mirror space!

    1. kit Post author

      I love me some mirror space – and for barre I usually can be found at the front – but being in the front for center is still scary to me. Especially if it’s a brand new combination!


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