My Last Once-A-Week Class

Today’s class was smaller and less crowded than last week, I think there was 8 or 9 of us. Few new people, few familiar faces (including that mean girl that didn’t want to talk a couple weeks ago, lol).  I’m assuming it was mostly newer beginner people because we did the slow barre combinations again, and E Teacher was really emphasizing the whole “keep your legs straight when you close a tendu!” and “degages barely come up off the floor!”. And we didn’t take lots of super long balances with arms in high fifth.   I got a correction on not sticking my butt out during grand plie in fifth – that’s a tricky one for me.

Once again, we ran out of time for frappes. However, we had time for an extra center combination, so I guess that makes up for it.

During the tendu-plie-passe balance combination, E Teacher gave the suggestion that when we bring our foot up to passe we should do it quickly, even when we’re not going up in releve. Just to get that quick springing up with one foot in passe motion down, I guess.  I will definitely be working on that. I’ve gotten used to bringing it up slowly (unless I’m going up on releve) back from the days when I couldn’t balance on one leg at all.  Now that I can sort of balance I need to work on doing it quicker.

My sautes were ok today, I didn’t go ahead in timing, I used my plie, I (sort of) remembered to point my feet.  E Teacher said she’s seeing progress – I’m gonna pretend that was directed at me, lol.

We did the 3 glissades, pas de bourre, repeat other side combination.  I kind of surprised myself, because E Teacher said the music was a bit fast – and it was – but I still managed to do it, almost like if it was in my muscle memory already. Very cool.  I kept wanting to do the arms though (E Teacher wanted them out in second), it just feels more natural that way.

We did the preparation for jetes with arms in 1st arabesque again, and the best student did that across the floor combination that involves a jete at the end that I have no idea what it’s called – or how to do it, for that matter. I assume it’s a common combination though, as Ex-classmate Sub (from a few months ago) expected us to know it.

While leaving, I saw that now there was TWO boyfriends waiting for their girlfriends in the little waiting area couch outside our class.  So funny, if I’d brought Boyfriend, I’ll bet he would have left having had met two new friends.  Seriously, Boyfriend will make friends with people while I try on clothes or use the public restroom (true story), he is just so social.  The exact opposite of me, LOL.  If boys like him didn’t exist, girls like me would never get asked out (’cause of course I’m too socially awkward to do the asking, not that girls can’t ask, because they can and do. Just not this girl…). Sometimes I think that we complement each other so perfectly (and other times I think there’s no way an extrovert will ever understand me.  I fluctuate between the two…)

Then I said my goodbye’s to E Teacher (I have some schedule changes coming up), we chatted a little bit about school and ballet teachers (small world!), and I left.

It was a good night 🙂 Starting next week, more ballet!

4 thoughts on “My Last Once-A-Week Class

  1. asher

    Hooray for more ballet! That’s great news!

    Hmmm … almost sounds like there are enough Boyfriends sitting in the lobby to get a beginning mens’ class going… 😀

    1. kit Post author

      Lol, I know, I wish! I keep seeing all the wasted talent just sitting out there and think it’s such a shame…
      You are so lucky that your husband also does ballet (however infrequently, lol)!


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