Apparently, I’m Tall…

… or at least that’s my leotard size.

As this blurry picture shows, it's size Tall

As this blurry picture shows, it’s size Tall

Went on another expedition to the Big City that included a stop at the dance outlet shop.  When I went last time, right as I was paying for my stuff I saw that they had those little knit bun covers and I thought they were so cute, but I already had exact change in hand.  So I figured it wouldn’t hurt to go by and see if I could pick one up.  And the best thing about (dance) outlets is that you have no idea what cool (dance-related) stuff you might find (Now, the worst thing about outlets is that often times everything is there for a reason…). Unlike last time I went there, I decided to not go by the sizes marked alone; instead if I saw something that may fit I would put it on the Maybe Pile regardless what size it says.  Besides, as an outlet, you almost got to expect that the sizes will be a bit irregular. One of the leotards I tried on was marked Large and wouldn’t even come up over my thighs, so yeah… Anyway, this not-paying-attention-to-size resulted in me trying on a variety of leotards that I previously wouldn’t have. I’d tried on about 5 or 6 when I picked up a shiny navy blue camisole leotard. Under size, it was labeled Tall.  As a short-waisted (meaning proportionally my legs are waayyyyy too long for my torso) person, I sometimes may appear tall, due to the excessive leg length, but I’m only 5’4, (1.63 M) – not short, but not tall either. Since not only am I not tall, but my height is mostly in my legs, I figured the leotard, probably made for a tall person’s torso may not fit.  But the feel of the fabric felt so nice and smooth and shiny that I was willing to give it a shot.

The front

The front

So, on comes the leotard and it fits perfectly.  It’s snug – as a leotard should be – but it doesn’t feel like it’s pulling on something.  It doesn’t squeeze in an unpleasant way that makes me feel smooshed up, like I can’t breathe (or pull up).  I loved it! I’ve bought several leotards now and while there’s been some that fit okay (as opposed to not at all), this has been the first one that fits great. It went from Maybe Pile to For Sure Pile. Now having worn it to class, I still think it fits great but I really wish I’d been wearing both of my sport bras when I tried it on – apparently there’s a slight cleavage problem in class that wasn’t there in the fitting room. At least it’s only a problem when I’m bending forward (as I found out while getting down on the floor to stretch – awkward), when I’m upright it’s fine. I still would have bought it if I’d known at the time I tried it on, but I guess it’s a good rule to wear the same undergarment set-up to try stuff on as you’d wear to class.  (Except please don’t try on stuff without underwear, that’s just gross)

The back view. I like how it has full front lining. It's also not cut too low on the back.

The back view. I like how it has full front lining. It’s also not cut too low on the back.

I went through the rest of the leotards, but, having experienced what a perfectly-fitting leotard feels like, there was just no way anything could compare.  But since the leotards at the dance outlet are so cheap, I was planning on getting a second one.  I settled on another navy blue one, this one a tank style with a ruched front.  There was another one that was almost identical but without the ruched front. At first I thought that any detail in the front of the leotard would be a bad idea (in a drawing attention to myself way) – and who knows, it may be – but that one felt so much more comfortable and less constricting than the flat front one. So that one it is.

This is actually front view, but it's so dark that it's hard to see the details

This is actually front view, but it’s so dark that it’s hard to see the details

In addition to the 2 leotards, I picked up another little dance sweater to wear over my leotards.  Ever since I got my little sweater on my last trip here I’ve been wearing it to every class and it’s really helped me feel more comfortable. It disguises my chest to the point that from the front in the mirror I don’t even notice that it’s there. I don’t know if anyone else is fooled, but it still helps me feel less awkward about my body in class and therefore I am able to focus on dancing instead. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a second one on hand in case the first gets dirty and I don’t have a chance to wash it.

I guess if I hold it up to the light I'm able to get a picture of the ruched front...

I guess if I hold it up to the light I’m able to get a picture of the ruched front…

As I was browsing through the leotards, the guy that worked there asked me if I wanted some tights.  At $3 each, sure! I ended up getting 3 pairs of Body Wrappers footed tights. The material of the tights feels a bit coarse compared to the silky smoothness of my favorite tights ever (which tore after about a week of wearing them – that would be the Theatrical tights… silky smooth but flimsy as hell), but we’ll see how they hold up.  They have the outline of where the heel goes already in them, which I thought was kind of weird (and I guess that means I can’t wear them forward-side-back, which makes them very unversatile).

See what I mean? Little shapes of feet!

See what I mean? Little shapes of feet!

A pair of regular tights (above) and these foot-outlined tights (bottom) for comparison

A pair of regular tights (above) and these foot-outlined tights (bottom) for comparison

Notice how I didn’t say I got a bun cover. That’s because they were all out, which really sucks. I wonder if there’s a lesson to be learned in this… However, one of the leotards came with this elastic band. Is it a hairband? Am I supposed to already know what it’s for?  (And no, it’s not a replacement strap, as this leotard is a tank style, not spaghetti-strap.)

The elastic band that came with the leotard

The elastic band that came with the leotard

(Edit: my last dance clothes trip to the Big City)

10 thoughts on “Apparently, I’m Tall…

  1. Sarah

    You’re so lucky to have a dance outlet near by, I have to order everything online, and postage and returns charges really add up. How many leos do you have now? I really like to have a few different choices for dance class, particularly if I’m having a fat day or it’s really cold/warm. I have a few little jumpers (I love these too, I feel like a proper dancer when I wear one for some weird reason!), some vests, leggings and leg warmers, I haven’t dared go for a leo and tights just yet, but I’d like to once it gets a bit warmer here in the UK. I’m going to have to go for a leo with a built in bra though as I’ve been ‘blessed’ in the chest department as well!

    1. kit Post author

      Wow, now that I gave it some thought, turns out I have 7 leotards : my basic black short-sleeve (my first, now two years old); a black camisole-style that I need to wear a tank top over for additional coverage; my 2 high neck ones, bright blue and plum colored; a pink and black one that I’m considering just using as a bathing suit; and these two new ones. I like variety as well, especially if I’m having a fat day (I won’t go anywhere near the bright blue on on those days!). I have a couple pairs of leg warmers and 5 pairs of working pink tights, 1 pair black – and of course I haven’t thrown away my old torn up tights yet (who knows why – perhaps memories, perhaps hoarding). I haven’t tried one of those little jumpers, though I have seen them. Maybe next time…
      I’ve seen the leos with the “shelf-liner” bra built in, and there is no way it will hold me in – or keep me from hurting myself during sautes. However, then I heard about (but haven’t gotten then opportunity to try on) the Capezio Bratek, which apperently features a real bra built in. The sizing appears to run small (per all the reviews of it on Amazon), so I would like to try on in person. I can imagine how much all the shipping would add on for leotards; out of everything I try on maybe like 1 out of 10 things fit! That’s a lot of returns…

      1. Sarah

        I agree, those shelf liner bras are useless, I’ve had a few vests with them in and I always have to wear a bra as well. I’ve seen the Bratek and thought that might be the way to go when I eventually decide to try a leo, I’ll keep it in mind that the sizes run a bit on the small side 🙂

      2. kit Post author

        Cool, hopefully the Bratek works out for you (if you decide to make the change to a leo…) 🙂
        Also, I was kind of pondering… Even if it doesn’t fit “as is”, a good tailor can probably work wonders – I just may go that route.

  2. abc

    The elastic looks like a belt to me! You wear it around the waist for a snugger fit. My ballet school requires uniform – I also have to wear a belt and I have to admit, I do see the use in it: You are reminded of your posture and line all the time!

  3. Sharon

    Apparently you and I have some weird shopping synchronicity. When you bought canvas split soles, I had just bought canvas split soles (the first pair of new slippers i’d bought in 3 years!). And on saturday I bought 2 new leotards and 3 pairs of tight at a store that was having a clearance sale! But I got a wrap skirt instead of a sweater.

    1. kit Post author

      I completely agree about using a pretty leotard as a bodysuit! I love how it makes me feel so smooth…
      Haven’t tried wearing ballet slippers outside though, but lately I’ve been thinking about trying out those “ballet flats” shoes.


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