Password-Protected Posts

As I’ve decided to go ahead and make some of my (future) posts less public, they will need a password to view. I’ve made an email

Edit: unfortunately, since then the email has been cancelled (out of my control), sorry

at which I can  be reached for password inquiries (Lol, so formal). Or, I guess, if you’d like to engage me in less public forms of communication…

If you’re  a previous commenter or fellow blogger, just email and I’ll grant you access. If you don’t fall into one of those categories I’ll probably want you to prove that you don’t live within 100 miles of me or something…How, I do not know yet…


My phone does not have internet, or rather I should say, don’t have internet access (and therefore, email) on the go.  My email gets checked when I happen to be at home (or anywhere else where I can get some wifi on my tablet) when I remember to check it.  So, what I’m trying to say is, don’t despair if I don’t respond ultra promptly – or a couple of days later.  I know some people check and respond to emails within minutes pretty much at all times.  My phone and I just don’t have that kind of relationship…

On my part I promise I will try to remember to check the email at least every other day once or twice a week…

Please be patient with me.  I’ve lost so many email accounts because I didn’t check them as often as the required 1 time/ month, so once or twice a week is a huge increase, believe me.  It does not mean I’m ignoring you or your email. A quicker way to get my attention is still to leave a comment, as I probably get on WordPress more often than I do email.

Also, most of the posts will remain public.  Just stuff that feels identifiable, controversial (or both) or mortifying/ completely pathetic will be less public.

Umm, I guess, sorry for the inconvenience…?

(I guess my first password protected post is not showing in the reader? The url is   but you still need to email me for the password…)

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