Ballet Math and My Pretty Picture Frame

Had a (ballet-related) conversation with Boyfriend this morning…

“Ok, so you know how there’s so much importance on how long  you’ve been doing ballet for? But it’s so arbitrary – I mean, what if you’ve been doing it for ten years but you only take class one a week (rare, I know, but bear with me…) versus someone who has been doing it for two years but goes five times a week? Assuming the classes are the same length wouldn’t they have both been taking class for the same amount of time? Has the other person really been doing it for longer? Or have they both been doing it for the same amount of time?” In case you couldn’t tell,  I am pretty intimidated by people who’ve been doing ballet forever.

“It would appear so…” he answered, almost absentmindedly, and I wasn’t expecting more of a reply.  So then he surprised me with: “But what if it’s not just about the time spent in class?”


“Think about it.  You go to class and you come home and think about what you guys did and you practice it over in your mind. If you’ve only been doing it for a year then you’ve only been doing that for one year -”

“- and they’ve been doing that for that many years, most likely,” I finished, satisfied with our logic. Leave it to ballet, to make everything, even simple math, harder.  “Not only that, when you’re younger time just seems to last longer, like experiencially, you know? Like when you’re 5, a year will be a fifth of your life, and when you’re 10 it’s a tenth and so on. So I’ve been doing it for a much smaller fraction of my life as well.  Good thing it’s not a race ’cause there’s just no way I’ll ever catch up, it’s mathematically impossible!”

“Yes, Kit.”  LOL, something I love to hear…

Believe it or not, it feels good to have that sort of resolved. Will do absolutely nothing to fix my feelings of being intimidated, but it feels good to understand why.  It helps me keep it in perspective, I am doing just fine for my small fraction. It is not that there’s something wrong with me.

Ignore all my creepy cat knick-knacks in the background...

Ignore all my creepy cat knick-knacks in the background…

In other news, Boyfriend and I went by my favorite thrift store (the one I found a leotard at last October) and I found this cute ballerina picture frame.  I showed it to Boyfriend and he was like “You gotta get it and we’ll take pictures of you doing ballet and put them there.”

Awwww. He’s being really supportive about the my latest ballet-related struggles.

So we got it. Have yet to take the pictures, but I did so a series of pique turns in celebration at the store. So fun, definitely still enjoying ballet and dancing, just need to learn to not be so hard on myself during class.

A more close up picture of the frame

A more close up picture of the frame

And of the ballerina.

And of the ballerina.

11 thoughts on “Ballet Math and My Pretty Picture Frame

  1. Basia

    Awesome picture frame
    **jealous **
    I’m the same, maybe a bit too hard on self. Wish me luck, I’m trying out a new school tonight after work… Hopefully it’s as good as the last one.

      1. Basia

        Thanks! It was a good class…Good value too. It went for 2.5 hours! That’s crazy! Well at least I know the suburb I’m planning to move to has a good school :-). Only bummer is that it’s a long way away from my current home

      2. kit Post author

        Wow, a 2.5 hour class – that’s great! I’ll bet you all got through all the moves and combinations. Was it split evenly between center and barre, or more of a super long center?

      3. Basia

        It was a strange start, where we began on the floor doing stretches with multiple sets. That took about half hour. The rest was standard. She went overtime because see kept bringing in new centre combinations… She must love teaching, which is a very good thing for students 🙂
        I got indirect attention about my outfit -she’s a traditionalist, pink tights, pink Leo, leather shoes, no watch etc. So, note for next time, because I broke all her unwritten rules.
        I The thing that won my approval was the amount of individual attention she gave to her 40 odd students! That is a real gift.
        I want a thrift shop like yours….I tried to get ballet DVDS at a local open market, but not luck. Maybe next time?

  2. hyysterika

    That’s adorable! Every time I go to a thrift store and find ballet items, I grab them up so fast. I’ve found the cutest things! This one is definitely perfect. Props!

    1. kit Post author

      Thanks 🙂
      Last time I was there they had the most adorable dress ever with little ballerinas printed on it. Would have gotten it, except it was a childrens size 6. Definitely wished I had advanced tailoring skills that day!

  3. Sarah

    Oooo, I love your frame, it’s so pretty, what a find! I love that your boyfriend is so supportive of your ballet, what a sweetie, mine’s the same, even though I must drive him mad gabbing on and on about it sometimes 🙂

    I think a lot of why I feel intimidated at ballet class is related to how comfortable some people look there, they just look like they belong and that a ballet studio and pink tights is their natural environment. I think this is particularly true if they took ballet as a kid, they’re just much more at ease in a studio and wearing tights, leotard, ballet shoes etc and picking up combinations quickly is second nature. Plus, it’s almost as if ballet got into their bones when they were young and never left them. In my beginners class it was so obvious who’d done ballet when they were a kid as they had amazing posture both in and out of the class (grrrr, jealous). But when I think back to how inactive I was 6 months ago and how much stronger I am now and how I’m (almost) feeling comfortable in workout clothes (still not brave enough to don tights just yet) and how much I know about ballet now, it amazes me. I just need to keep reminding myself of this when I’ve had a rubbish class or I’m beating myself up about not progressing fast enough or as quickly as some of my classmates.

    1. kit Post author

      Yay for supportive boyfriends! Now, if only I could get him to take class with me ever…
      What you said is so true. I am intimidated because they look so darn comfortable and at home in the environment (which is a really intimidating environment. I mean, skintight clothes make all the body image issues pop right out. And my classes had a dress code from day one!). I too have gotten much more comfortable with workout clothes since starting ballet, as well as just more agile overall. These benefits reinforce my belief that it (ballet) is an awesome activity for the body and mind, I just need to not ruin it for myself by being so hard on myself.

  4. ladysquadron

    Such a sweet picture frame! I have the same insecurities too…I watch pro ballet performances and then feel ridiculous that I’m even trying to think of doing releves at home to practise heh. But then I try to remember the approaching-50-year-old lady in the back of my class…everyone’s starting from somewhere and going at their own pace! (That said, in the mirror I can see the folks in the other class lifting their legs to their ears hohoho.)

    1. kit Post author

      Yeah, the pros are just like WOW!
      I really need to work on remembering that everyone is starting at theirown pace.


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