Thursday Class: Intermediate?

Pretty fun class overall…

Still facing the barre for most of barre, though Techer told the “intermediate” students to do some combinations with one hand on the barre (arm still in second though, not full port de bras).  I didn’t dare try to include myself with the intermediate students, which is way easier on me now that I’ve decided to stop going to IC.  However, when Teacher said that the intermediate students could test their balance during the tendus and degages by letting go of the barre all the way, I tried it out.  I’ve found it’s much easier for me to balance on my left supporting leg, which is the foot that Teacher always corrects me on lifting my arch in.  My right supporting leg takes a bit more effort to balance on, as I’ve noticed when I balance on passe releve as well.

We did a nice and slow fondue and rond de jambe combination which was fun because, as I may have mentioned a few times, I enjoy fondues so much – something about the coordinted movement of the working leg and the supporting leg. I really do enjoy doing nice slow barre combinations and focusing on all the little technical details. Just wish we were doing arms already!

We worked on the attitude leg shape to the back after barre stretches. Teacher said that the knee and foot should be the same height, making a sort of spiral shape. A student from IC demonstrated, and this lady had perfect attitude derriere, her hips and shoulder square to the front, her leg a perfect spiral to her pointed foot.   I’d love to have such a nice attitude one day, and it cheers me up somehow that she’s not one of the younger teens but a slightly older lady. I wonder if she’s been dancing her whole life, she does everything so well. While explaining the attitude derriere position, Teacher also said if you have the foot way up high it’s more of a Russian-style attitude. I love Russian-style attitudes!

My chaines to the left sucked, possibly more than usual.  Then it was time for sautes and echappes. Before we started, Teacher said to look at the person next to us, and try to jump higher than them.  “No fair, you’re taller than me,” said the lady next to me.

“It’s ok, I’m not a good jumper.”

“Yes, you are.” What? This is the second time I”ve had this conversation in the last two classes.  Now, I know my jumps are not my strong point, so what gives?  Are they trying to be nice or polite, perhaps thinking I’m fishing for compliments? Do they mean “good” relative to a brand-new beginner? Surely it’s not that I’m actually a good jumper, right? In echappes I’m especially bad.  When we close back up it’s sp hard for me to jump high and powerfully, while pointing my feet and not landing incorrectly.  But of course much improved since I first started and I could barely manage a saute.

On across the floor run and jetes, i tried going for two – or was it three – in a row, as I saw that some people were doing that.. Kinda tricky, couldn’t figure out if I’m supposed to leap again immediately after landing or run a few steps in between. Felt kind of awkward, especially going to the left. But I do like how we’re doing more fun across the floor stuff. It seems this semester the progression of classes is not going exactly the same as last semester, we’re learning different things at different speeds.

A couple of students from IC (who usually don’t) took BC with us, making this class slightly more full of experienced dancers than usual.  Teacher had all of them do the balance combination at a tempo twice as fast as we’ve been doing with arms, so that the beginners would see what it looks like to do it faster I guess. They did it a few times, as I watched with the beginners.  I wasn’t expecting to be included, so when she asked a couple of us to try it along I felt a bit unprepared, couldn’t get the timing right. It was fun though, and my balances have gotten more fluid and pretty. I wish I knew when I can do intermediate student stuff or not…

Been practicing all the other stuff that I’d learned in IC at home. My beated frappes (at a pretty slow tempo) have been improving, I’m starting to get the coordination of where to beat and where to strike.  Also working on those fast degages with the slow port de bars. Really wish I had a bigger space to practice center combinations… though looks like things may be looking up on that soon. *fingers crossed*

6 thoughts on “Thursday Class: Intermediate?

    1. kit Post author

      I really am! 🙂 I think the pressure of IC – and to improve, quick (combined with the fact that I simply sucked) – was really making ballet not be enjoyable. The funny thing is, I noticed that my attitude towards ballet was improving when I found myself wearing my hair in a bun on my own time again. Previously I’d been rebeling and going with a ponytail when I wasn’t in class, lol!

  1. annabelletroy

    interesting how your attitude changes with what you wear, bun or no bun etc…I can never get my hair to stay in a bun, but then I never grow it long enough, lol. Glad you are enjoying your classes.

    1. kit Post author

      Lol, I meant when I wasn’t feeling as happy towards ballet I wasn’t bunning my hair on my off-time, and now that I’m feeling more positive towards ballet I’m back to wearing a bun outside of class again. But on another note, my attitude may improve when my hair is in a bun because then it’s not bugging me by getting in my face or on my neck, lol.


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