The other  kind…

Despite the gorgeous scenery, obviously ballet was on my mind.


Every time we passed one of these signs I couldn’t help wanting to check on my turnout. Obviously I was forgetting the part where I was currently sitting on my “turnout muscles”…




Hey - as a slower dancer, I resemble that!

Hey – as a slower dancer, I resemble that!

And a few completely non-ballet related, but beautiful regardless. pictures I took.


A lake! A few ducks but not a swan in sight…




Notably absent from post: A picture of my turnout.

2 thoughts on “Turnout

  1. Ilde

    From my non-US point(e…) of view, I just keep wanting to tell you to scoot over to the left lane!
    Interesting, we don’t have a name for those turnouts. They’re just… there…

    1. kit Post author

      LOL, yeah the US has driving so backward compared to everywhere else, huh? It’s a bit of an adjustment…
      As for the turnouts, I didn’t even know they were called that. We were just driving along and I saw the (first of many) sign and I was like “Look! Turnout!”


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