A Gift…


Today, I received a package in the mail.  What could it be?

I hurriedly opened the wrapping. Classical Ballet Technique – no way!

My new favorite book!

My new favorite book!

Apparently, Boyfriend  was listening a few weeks ago when I mentioned that Teacher had brought in the coolest book for us to look at after class, and how awesome it would be if I happened to have said book in my possession… I mean, I only did mention it about 30 times that weekend and all…

It’s great (at least what I’ve looked through so far), the closest thing to a ballet textbook I’ve seen.  And I happen to love textbooks. Of course, now I know that my (lack of natural) turnout, body proportions, and (lack of) flexibility are hardly ideal for a ballet student, but what else is new?

Detailed pictures of do’s and don’t’s, names for moves in different schools of ballet, plenty of explainations. Yeah, this book’ll keep me busy for a bit…

19 thoughts on “A Gift…

  1. Tricia

    I love this book. I’m forever pulling my copy out to check something 🙂 I only wish it was smaller so that I could carry it in my dance bag to pull out whenever I need it

    1. kit Post author

      It really is 😦
      I just have to keep reminding myself that they only mean if you want to be a professional dancer… kind of how I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket but that won’t stop me from singing occasionally in the car, LOL

    1. kit Post author

      Thanks for the link (no worries, it worked!). It was beautiful, I like the progression of starting at the barre and then moving on to “center”, while the students watch. Teacher did a similar theme in the piece she choreographed for my schools Winter show. In that one the dancers started out warming up at the barre and moved on to do a full routine with a soloist and a (small) corps de ballet – wish I had a video (photo/video was not allowed).
      Uliana Lopatkina is so good! The first thing I thought was ‘Holy crap – turnout!’. Hers is perfect, and those feet!

    1. kit Post author

      Yeah, before I started (attempting to) dance, I never realized just how in shape and athletic dancers are! Dance has done a lot of good for my body, which has spilled over to other activities (walking, running, even standing) of daily life, and it’s such a good workout. Unfortunately, the book discusses how an “untrained” dancer’s body should be even before they get started in dance, which is super discouraging…

      1. kit Post author

        Yes, they’re looking for a certain height and weight, as well as a long neck, small head, narrow hips, small bust, long arms and hands, long and slightly hyperextended legs, thin ankles and long well-arched feet with toes that are the same length, long achilles tendons, flexible lower back, and of course, the turn out. I meet a couple of the crriteria – long hyperextended legs right here with narrow ankles — but other than that it’s just like NO. 😦

      2. kit Post author

        I agree! While going over the book earlier, I was reminded of the documentary Ballerina – there is this scene where the young girls are lined up in front of a panel for their audition to the Vaganova Academy, being assessed for their suitability for ballet. They were bending them every which way, lifting their legs over their head, and I remember the “small head” being mentioned. A very small number of those who audition make it in.
        So glad there’s not an audition required to do ballet recreationally…

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