What An Ego Boost!

After taking my written ballet final, while I was walking back towards the parking lot – for the first time in months neither tired nor sore, as there was no actual ballet class – a group of students were asking me about the terminology, mostly checking if they’d gotten answers correct, I guess. As the group broke off to just a couple remaining classmates, we got to talking about ballet class.  “Are you going to take ballet next semester?” I asked. I love seeing familiar faces in class.

They both replied that they might, or if not they would at least try a different style of dance. “Maybe it’ll be a little easier. But you’re pretty good though,” one of them said, “I suck at ballet..

Aww, thanks! “I’ve been doing it for two years. My first semester was hard. It gets better, I promise.”

“But I can’t even balance, or turn…”

“My first semester I couldn’t balance in center even just standing there,” I stopped walking and momentarily assumed second position. “I couldn’t tendu without falling over, couldn’t switch from one foot to the next. I couldn’t even balance on both feet at the barre in first!”


“Yes! I was horrible, couldn’t do anything at all. I felt so clumsy, like, why am I even in this class. I never got to do ballet as a child at all, so it was all new to me,” For a moment, I got the idea to refer them to this blog. But no, I like my anonymity…

“You know, I’m gonna take this class again! I can get better!” one of them exclaimed.

Awesome! We need more beginners that make it past the first-few-months stage – the worst stage, the most discouraging, in my opinion. And I think it’s so cool that some of my classmates actually thought I was (somewhat) good at ballet.

As for summer class, Boyfriend’s like “Just sign up already! You know you’re going to end up taking that class anyway.” Hmm, I’ll take that as being supportive, I guess. The boy knows I often need a push in the right direction…

8 thoughts on “What An Ego Boost!

    1. kit Post author

      Between you and me (and all the readers, lol), I check every day to make sure there’s still room in the class…
      I think I will go for it! 🙂


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