My Summer ballet class is scheduled to start in just a few short hours! To say that I’m nervous is the understatement of the year… make that the decade!

I keep telling myself to calm down, that it will be alright. It works, at times. I keep telling myself that it is pointless to spend time – and energy – worrying. That if I have a terrible experience after just one class (or two), I’ll drop, as I haven’t even paid for the session yet.  Teacher told me more than once that I’m ready for this class, other people from class have told me that I’m ready, so what’s the problem? (This may be a rhetorical question…)

Of course, it didn’t help that today in Pilates class I mentioned to an acquainatance, “F”, that I didn’t want to completely destroy my legs with my workout, as I have an Intermediate Ballet class to go to, and he said “Intermediate?!” You’re crazy!”.  That did not help, did nothing for my self-confidence whatsoever.

I’m still planning on going though.  I need to face my fears.  Whether this goes well or not I need to actually DO it instead of just sitting around thinking about what might have been.  It’s not like I’m getting any younger (especially with my birthday just right around the corner), and this is an amazing opportunity.

As I’m sure you can all tell, I’m trying to psych myself up 🙂

Writing all this down also makes it much less likely that I will conveniently forget to go to class.

I don’t want to say “Here goes nothing!”, but that makes it a lot less likely that I will chicken out…

So, here goes nothing! LOL

p.s. updates when it’s over 🙂

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