I Made It!

An update, as promised.  As soon as I came home though, I noticed that we had company, and now it’s late so this’ll be a little short.

Ok, I made it into class… that’s winning the first battle, right?

As I approached the studio, I noticed the door was shut. If I hadn’t obsessively checked that I was, in fact, enrolled in the class and it started at that hour  I would’ve probably taken that to mean that there was no class (and therefore I can just maybe sneak off quietly…).  But I had, so I took a deep breath and opened the door.  There was all these people there! Well, about 15-20 but they already had barres set up so the initial sight was somewhat intimidating.  I took off my shoes and pants (I had dressed at home), then looked for a place to join at a barre.  I saw a couple people I recognized from Teacher’s class and hurried over there.

Barre combinations were complex, but nothing I felt I couldn’t handle. Hopefully I’ll get some exact combinations written up on here once I’ve taken class enough times to remember. So yeah,I can’t remember move-by-move any of the combinations right now (which just shows how complex they were?). I do remember that we did a lot of going from side to side with soutenu without stopping, lots of releve cambres, long passe releve balances, fondues and developpes with port de bras. I want to say it was a little bit either slower or easier than Teacher’s intermediate class (or maybe I have improved since then?) I will say this though: I was sweating by around halfway through barre. It was nice to feel challenged but not overwhelmed.

Then it was time for center, and I was a bit nervous. There was a tendu combination; quarter and half pirouettes en dehors from fifth; sautes, changements and echappes, saute arabesque and saute coupe across the floor; a waltz, 2 balances, passe releve and pirouette across the floor. Probably other stuff I’m forgetting as well.

Overall, it went nowhere near as horrible as it could’ve been.  Yeah, I messed up all the combinations, but I’m not feeling too bad over it.  It didn’t help that where I was standing at both barre and center made it a bit hard to see when the teacher (F Teacher) was giving out the combinations. I’m not going to make excuses though… Good thing there’s plenty of good dancers to follow throughout the long combinations, though if we do the same ones often I hope to remember them soon. F Teacher told us she expects us to work hard, that she will treat us as though we were seeking to be doing auditions and stuff. Perhaps I’ll come out a much better dancer.

It’s getting super late and I’m too tired to make more sense now.  But I had a lot of fun 🙂

14 thoughts on “I Made It!

  1. Sarah

    Yay!! Sounds like it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as you imagined it would be, it never is, is it? Sounds like a challenging class, but in a good way 🙂 I think you must be a much better dancer than you give yourself credit for if you’re in a class were you’re being treated as if you’d be trying out for auditions! Good luck with your next class!

    1. kit Post author

      It really never is as bad as I imagine it! Glad I made myself go in.
      I hope I’m a much better dancer than I give myself credit for. Since I tend to have so much self doubt it’s hard for me to believe I’m anything short of terrible. Especially when I still struggle with basics sometimes (like how I wasn’t able to hold the long releve balance in first until after the third combination or so and I was somewhat warmed up). And center wasn’t pretty, though I think if/once I familiarize myself with the combinations they are do-able…
      Looking forward to hearing about your classes!

  2. Basia

    Looks like this was just the thing for you 🙂 – a little challenging, and dare I say fun??
    I’m jealous – I’m still in the babies class (for adults of course!). How long did you say you’d been doing ballet for?

    1. kit Post author

      I did have so much fun!
      Almost 2 1/2 years. I’ve spent lots of time in the babies (adults only as well) class learning to tendu, plie, and saute, lol. But as much fun as this more challenging class was, I would totally not mind also taking an easy class concurrently. If anything, to feel like for sure I know what I’m doing. Especially since there’s a big difference between what I can do at barre and center…
      How long have you been doing ballet for?

      1. Basia

        I think its been almost 2 years proper. Ive been flitting from one school to another trying them all out. Ive finally committed to one. And now I’m just doing the very basic absolute beginners class again just to make sure I’m getting it right. I got complimented on my barre the other day -woo hoo!
        But you’ve inspired me to apply myself to the beginner class one level up to get more practice in the centre, something that the AB class lacks, and I lack too 😞

      2. kit Post author

        Oh cool! I’ve had 4 different teachers so far and they all seem to have slightly different styles, so I can see how sticking to just one place may help out. I had noticed that the most Absolute Beginner class I’ve ever taken hardly had center at all, just enough time for a few passe releve balances or sautes. The higher level difficulty classes (which for me would just be intermediate) do seem to focus way more time on center. I would’ve hated that when I was more beginner than now, but now I try to have fun with it 🙂

      3. Basia

        I think I’m reaching that point where I’m ready for a bit more centre… So totally get you. After all, 5 mins centre is really not much in a 90 min class!!

      4. kit Post author

        I know, right! These summer classes I’m taking are actually 2 hours and 10 minutes each, so there’s enough time to do a really long barre, a good stretch AND a decently long center!

  3. Olivia

    So wonderful to hear! I am glad you challenge yourself in spite of anxiety. It is hard to get beyond those worries sometimes 🙂

    1. kit Post author

      Thanks 🙂 I am feeling pleased that I was able to face my fears, if at least for this one time. I’m hoping this will help me realize that worrying only serves to make the situation scarier and no good comes out of it. It’s an uphill battle sometimes…

  4. Joyce

    Yay! You’ve inspired me…my teacher I take class with most often is going to be teaching a class one level up this summer and I’m going to ask if it’s alright if I take it.


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