Beginning Of Week 2

Rested off my soreness over the weekend (at least as far as ballet is concerned, though I did do a lot of lifting and going up and down stairs). Ready to get back to class and have my fun yet physically and mentally challenging couple of hours… and I even had a little spare time to write about it!

I love coming home with bits of Swan Lake floating through my head. It’s bugging me that I can’t identify from which part exactly this piece the pianist played for one of our barre combinations is from (and things are way too hectic right now for me to watch the whole thing right this second, unfortunately). Doing sautes and other petit allegro stuff to “Dance of the Little Swans” has been fun though.

Today at barre we did a lot of coordinating a slow port de bras with quick leg movements. One combination was something like 4 tendus en croix while doing one low port de bras; in the time it took to do the four tendus devant the arm was to have moved up to high fifth through middle fifth, then in the time it took to do the four tendus a la seconde the arm would go to a la seconde, then 4 tendus derriere while arm makes it though middle fifth to arabesque. Honestly, this stuff is so hard for me! Not enough to be completely frustrating, but just something that’s a bit away from my current skill level. I guess around the same level of frustration as the beated frappes, which I have been practicing for months now but am still not able to do them beyond a ridiculously slow speed.  I’m not feeling hopeless though. because I remember at some point it felt like that to even do a basic port de bras with rond de jambes, or tendu en croix with arms. Whatever, it just needs time.  Possibly lots of time…

We also did this cool barre combination that involved temps lie.  First we just did temps lie forward and back from fifth with port de bras. then a la second (letting go of the barre), close back to fifth, sous- sus and soutenu.  Then we did them a new way I’d never done before. When we switch our weight we were supposed to push off from our supporting leg to the new supporting leg, going up on releve and keeping the other foor off the floow.  Then closing the other foot behind into sous-sus, then from sous-sus tendu back and push off again to be on releve again. The hardest part was doing it a la seconde away from the barre, completely letting go.  I don’t really have my balance yet for quick weight shifts onto a single leg releve. From one releve leg to another, or on two legs, I feel like I’ve been improving, but onto one leg the best I got are my mediocre passe releves, and occasionally a very quick releve arabesque.

I also made it a point to work on my posture, making sure to keep the lats engaged, as we’ll as the whole core, to help with balance.  Sometimes I get nervous and I forget stuff that I already know, so I made a concious decision to keep myself aligned and catch myself if I wasn’t.  Also remembered a correction from last week about really pulling up and out when doing cambre devant durring barre and stretches.

Center was a little complicated.  We learned this new move used to switch from one side to another (might have been a pas de basque, but I’m not sure). After we did tombe, pas de bourree twice, and two glissades we took the back foot and brought it around like a rond de jambe then stepped on it and coupe the other foot, before repeating the tombe, pas de bourree and everything else in the other direction.  At first I was getting it, but then when we did it from a different body angle, I was so confused.  Kept messing up which leg was in front.  I keep forgetting to switch feet on my glissades because I keep remembering some other combination in which they don’t switch.  Or maybe I just need to focus harder…

We also did developpes en croix with port de bras in center as part of a combination that I totally can’t remember.  I do remember that I was happy I wasn’t losing my balance during the developpes and that my leg in devant and a la second is nice and high (well, at least by adult-who-never-did-ballet-as-a-kid standards). My arabesque leg, not so high.

I hope we repeat these combinations, because I think they’d be fun once I actually remember how they go.  When we switched lines and I was in the front it was not pretty.  It’s hard to follow people who are behind you, lol.  But I still enjoy watching my leg tendu devant in croisse… it’s like I can do one cool thing that looks like ballet, lol.

Regardless, class was fun.

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