Week 4: A Rough Start

Not the best class… I’m going to go ahead and blame it on my body still being exhaused after all the hard physical labor of the past weekend. Still though, it felt so great to take class despite not being at my best.

We did a brand new barre, after doing different variants of the same combination for the last 10 classes or so,  and it did not go so smoothly.  I got confused during a few combinations – there was a lot of shifting weight and using the inside leg, and the frappes were lightning fast! There were a few things I did alright, but by “alright” I mean barely just adequate, not particularly well.

Even 8-8-4-4-2-2-1-1-1-1 was harder than usual – the speed was so fast that I wasn’t focusing on technique, just making sure I was keeping up with the tempo. Like, no time to worry if my foot is pointed (though hopefuly it is).

In center, we started off with a new adagio combination.  Then a waltz combination, which wasn’t necessarily difficult, just much too fast. It was two waltz turns, 2 balances, from then tendu out and into a soutenu turn, stay up in releve and bring the foot up to passe, close back in fifth and developpe a la seconde, close and do 3(!) pirouettes. I feel like if it was about half the speed I would be able to do it right (except for the pirouettes, lol), but for now I was just rushing through the steps, struggling to keep up with the music.

Pique turns and chaines across the floor went ok, or at least better relative the the previous two combinations.  The first time across we went much too fast, and I started to mess up my pique turns, not coming down off releve between them.  The second time the tempo was a little bit slower, and I did well enough for F Teacher to say “Not bad.” I will definitely take it as a compliment. 🙂

In saute arabesque, saute coupe  across the floor, I got a correction on my arms when going through middle fifth to first arabesque – basically to make them more balletish, and less “like I’m splashing some water” (You really had to have been there – the way F Teacher made the motion was hilarious) . I’ve been working on them since I got home, using the glass backyard door as a (huge) mirror.

During sautes I remember consciously telling myself to point my feet, and to stay on timing. I was watching the mirror and saw the difference immediately. After that we did glissades and jetes to the right and left, followed by temps leve on one foot. No assembles today…

Reverance was nice, and slow enough to actually pay attention to the details. I love the slow graceful port de bras, and also, it’s a reminder or my progress. I remember back when I first started I used to fall over during reverance…

2 thoughts on “Week 4: A Rough Start

    1. kit Post author

      I really am! It’s been so overwhelming, yet so fun. Our teacher keeps telling us that she can see a difference between now and a few weeks ago – for the better – and I guess I’m going to have to trust her on that!


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