I Guess Home Is Where You Hang Your Tights…

Doing dancer-laundry did not feel like a chore, compared to the drudgey of moving...

Doing dancer-laundry did not feel like a chore, compared to the drudgery of moving…

Finally, today I felt like I took the day off, doing no moving-related things at all. Could that be why I felt like I had a good class, despite at times floundering about in center?

We did this cool new thing at barre, which I was not able to catch the name of, but it basically went like this. Do 4 rond de jambes while doing a promenade, turning a quarter turn every rond de jambe. When F Teacher had this girl demonstrate what we were about to do, my jaw dropped, just a little. It looks so intimidating! So when we did the combination, when we did the first side I just took the option of doing 4 regular rond de jambes. But when we did the second side, F Teacher happened to be right near by, and I kinda felt like I had to just do it . So I sort of did, having no idea how I was supposed to do this.  I actually made it around, I can’t believe it!

Center was hard. We did a more contemporary piece and the speed was really getting me. There were a couple slower moments, when we did stuff like passe releve balance, or grand battements on releve that were fun even, but the quick parts were not very good. I loved the music though, but it was hard to really just dance instead of worrying about keeping up. Can’t believe I consider a passe releve balance (from fourth, to then come into releve sous-sus) an easier part of the combination. I guess it just goes to show that a move that was once considered impossible and some point becomes do-able.

Overall, I felt I had a good class. Been going over the new center combination a little, trying to work off my post-class hyperness/adrenaline rush. At a much slower tempo, of course…

10 thoughts on “I Guess Home Is Where You Hang Your Tights…

  1. Trippmadam

    Now, this looks like a serious dancer’s bathroom.
    And those post-class adrenaline rushes: some time ago I used to take a challenging class rather late in the evening. After class I could not sleep for hours.

    1. kit Post author

      Yeah, the whole first week of my summer session I just could not fall asleep until the middle of the night! Glad to know I’m not the only one…

  2. balletbrit

    I LOVE the title of your article!!! Me…I think home is where I feel comfortable practicing ballet in my tights!!! I have tried practicing ballet without my tights and ballet slippers and it just didn’t feel right. Funny how clothing CAN impact performance…

    1. kit Post author

      Thanks 🙂 It just popped into my head and I had to go with it (the title, I mean)!
      When I practice at home I always wear my ballet slippers, but I’ll skip the tights on the warmer days. Besides, that would double the amount of laundry to do, and wear through the tights faster. My budget’s pretty fixed, so I have to make my tights last as long as possible. However, I do like wearing supertight leggings that almost feel like tights, just thicker. If only I could find some in ballet pink!

      1. kit Post author

        Try living in almost 100 degree weather with no AC, lol! That made me stop practicing with tights on in no time. I finally got around to checking it…

      2. balletbrit

        Yeah, I guess that WOULD do it!!! Like you, I do love in a hot climate, but I also get to hang out in AC like Mother Nature intended!!! On the bright side, I’d imagine your tights hanging on the shower curtain rod would dry in NO TIME!!!

      3. kit Post author

        lol, it seems our $28 average monthly electricity/utility bills take precedence over me having a comfortable home practice session! It’s ok though, winter and fall will come in no time and then I’ll be totally wanting to wear my tights at home!

      4. balletbrit

        At least you get to experience a partial change of seasons!!! The ONLY months (on average where I live) are December and January when it’s less than 85 degrees with less than 80% humidity!!!! TGFAC (Thank God For AC) !!!!!

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