Note To Self…

… Don’t go out partying the night before ballet class! Last night we went dancing, and this morning I was just so tired and sore, specially my  legs and feet (despite having worn low, relatively comfortable shoes shoes.) Not painful though, just sore and overall feeling lazy. Really didn’t want to get up, even snoozed my alarm. But I had planned on going to class, and I did want to go to class (just didn’t want to get up, lol), so I hurried last minute to get myself together. I’m so glad I did, because it turned out to be an extremely fun class!

We had a different teacher at Adults Only studio, so it was a little different from last week’s class. Most of barre was facing the barre, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t plenty to think about. We did super slow foot articulation tendus and regular tendus, degages en croix, and super slow and regular speed rond de jambes (during which I was focusing on making them smooth and fluid, not pausing when getting to the front, side, or back). Still, a lot of thinking involved! Specially during frappes, which went something like frappe devant slow x2, 2 fast frappes and 2 piques, repeat to side and back and then petite battements. Once I got the hang of it it was fine, but I did screw up a little on the first side. It was just an unfamiliar pattern. I will say though, that it was nice doing frappes without worrying about beated frappes!

We started out center with a tendu combination: tendu devant x2, chasse devant, tendu a la seconde x2, chasse a la seconde, tendu derrierre x2, chasse derriere,  ronde de jambe en dehors, passe balance, then other side, then reversing. So start with tendu derriere x2, chasse derriere, etc. and the ronde de jambe was en dedans. I loved this combination! First off, it wasn’t at a tempo that I had to scramble to keep up with. Secondly ( a la seconde-ly?), I dodn’t have much experience with chasses to the back and I did it much better than expected. I learned how to do chasses (without losing my balance completely) less than a year ago (I remember writing about it on here!), and even then it was just to the front, so I’m really happy with the progress there. I did get a correction from Different Teacher to not lift up my heel during the chasses, so then I worked on that.

We then saute-ed, and the tempo was slow enough for me to at least have time to think about pointing those feet! But I was off on the tempo…

We went across the floor with 4 balancés, the four waltz steps, repeat if there is room. The first time across we did the waltz steps without turning, the second time with turns.  I loved this combination as well, though I do tend to take too long on my balances, which makes me a little behind on the tempo. But I did have a lot of fun. It was also so lovely to watch my classmates! As a whole they just moved so gracefully across the floor. Though it was basic beginner class, this week there were some students there than definitely have some ballet experience. I certainly wouldn’t mind taking class with this group of people again.

Next was jumps across the floor. It was step forward and saute while kicking up our left leg forward, take three little steps and saute on the left leg while kicking up the right leg, then half turn and saute arabesque with the right leg up, and three little steps (backwards!), and saute arabesque on the other leg. Confusing, right? But also so fun! What helped me to not be completely lost – and at first I was, specially how the working leg switches when we go backwards – was what F Teacher had told us repeatedly during our summer session: the downstage leg (toward our audience/mirror) goes first! So that helped me kick up the right leg in the right order – even when we went to the left. While I love doing saute arabesque, it is a bit harder doing them when you’re walking backwards. I don’t think this day’s class level was that “basic” of a beginner level, but it was just awesome!

We finished up with a quick reverance. I was so hyper and excited after this class that I was getting on Boyfriend’s nerves, just kind of excitedly buzzing around like a little kid. Oh, and I have some more exciting sort-of-ballet-related news and happenings from this weekend, but I’ll save that for it’s own post. Coming up!


10 thoughts on “Note To Self…

  1. Basia

    Sometimes being tired might stop the thinking… My teacher yells at us about thinking too much, that ballet isn’t hard… (At different times she says it is very hard lol). I’ve got to stop making the process so mental! Anyway, happy your class was awesome fun!

    1. kit Post author

      Lol, I’ve had so many teachers tell me to not overthink it, just do it. At the same time, they say that it takes lots of time before it just comes naturally/automatically without thinking!
      But yay for awesome fun classes! 🙂

      1. Basia

        Yeah…I was wondering how you can get to that point of no thinking, and you’re right, it’s got to be body memory. Probably like driving a manual car.
        I have fun class Monday and very serious Wednesday and Saturday class where I get shouted at (old style schooling). It’s not pleasant but it pushes me to do better.

      2. kit Post author

        That’s so true… the shouting type of teachers totally push me to do better. It’s like, how do I avoid getting shouted at again, lol. But while that works at this point in my ballet learning curve, it was so not working when I was brand new. Teacher was shouting “Point!” and I was like ‘Huh? I’m just trying to not fall over…’

  2. Basia

    Hahaha sooo true- “how do I avoid getting shouted at “!!
    I read Monica Longhorns biography and she had it seriously hard, so I think of her experience when I feel sorry for myself when the teacher has a wobbly.

    1. kit Post author

      Monica from Big Ballet? She does seem like a strict teacher, but I wouldn’t mind taking a class. I’ve heard horror stories of old-school teacher’s teaching methods, so I’m sure even the shouting is nothing in comparison…


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