Mini-Review: BodyWrappers 48″ Legwarmers

(Also discussed: Theatrical Tights)


Ever since the cold picked up about a month and a half ago, I’ve practically been living in these. While I was using them only for ballet class since getting them months ago, over the last month they’ve found themselves in my daily wardrobe, and even for modern class (they go awesome over my bare feet, and keep the tops of my feet and my arch warm).

So, since I’m so intimately acquainted with these leg warmers, I decided to do a review. In short, I love them and don’t regret this purchase (especially on super chilli days!). But – and it is a big but – there are some things I wish I would have known prior to purchase.

First off, I got the 48″ length ones, as I was hoping to keep my entire leg warm, and although at times I feel like I’m all legs, I figured 4 feet worth of leg warmers ought to be enough. And yes, it would be – except that due to the ridiculously narrow fit of the upper cuff I can’t get them up my entire thigh. Now, I’ve read some of the reviews these leg warmers have online (after already purchasing them), and a couple people mentioned that they have very muscular thighs and that these leg warmers won’t fit.


Listed length: 48″ Actual length: 44″ Usable length (for me) : 29″


As for me, however, I have notoriously long and scrawny legs (at least compared to most people my age). Don’t believe me? The circumference of my thigh measures 14″ right above my knee and 21″ at the top, right below my buttocks.  They still don’t fit! The upper cuff of the leg warmers measures 18″ fully stretched. So they can go about midway up my thigh before they start squeezing me and I feel like a stuffed sausage. So out of the 44″ (they claim to be 48″ in length, but 4″ are missing) total I am able to use about 29″. Which in the end is not a big deal, as a friend taught me how to fold them at the top and wear the cuff under my knee. But, seeing at they had different lengths available, I keep getting the feeling that if I had known they wouldn’t fit around my upper thighs I could have saved myself a couple bucks and bought the 36″ length ones…


Another comparison of how long they are vs. how much of the length I’m actually able to use.

Quality-wise, I have no complaints. They are really nice and warm, and the material feels soft against my skin when I wear them barefoot. They haven’t started running or unraveling at all,  and even with all the pulling and stretching of getting them on (or off) in a hurry they don’t seem to be getting stretched out.

In conclusion, I recommend these, but I suggest measuring your thighs first or getting the shorter length ones.


Weirdest photo angle ever, but it shows me wearing the leg warmers.


Anyone have any suggestions for full length leg warmers that will fit “regular sized” upper thighs?

As for the Theatrical Tights, this was my second time purchasing them. I got some last year, a little over a year ago, and they got a run after only wearing them a couple of times. That made me not want to give them another chance, but I recently had to get a pair of brand new ballet pink tights, and with the exception of stuff on clearance these are as cheap as it gets. So I picked up another pair. This time they got a run after only wearing them once! To make matters worse, I only wore them for around 30 minutes, tops.

Yes, the material feels soft and silky, but if you want a product that lasts at least a few wearings without showing it’s age, this brand is NOT the one! If you need a cheap pair of tights for a single performance or one time wear then these will do just fine. I’d also suggest that they can be worn all hole-y for that well-practiced-time-worn look, but both pairs I’ve had decided to run in the upper inner thigh area near the gusset, so that makes wearing them (remember, the tights ARE the underwear) a little risky; that’s somewhere you don’t want to be feeling a draft!


Theatrical tights in ballet pink, still in their package


More class notes coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Mini-Review: BodyWrappers 48″ Legwarmers

  1. asher

    Thank you for including measurements in your leg warmer review — it makes it much easier to extrapolate useful info about fit! (It drives me crazy when I’m trying to figure out how the sizing for a given product runs, and all the reviewers say things like, “I have massive legs,” or “I’m a twig,” without providing a frame of reference. I’m always like, “Are those German track racer massive legs, ballet-massive legs, or just normal massive legs? … Are you a twig, or are you really more of a branch?”)

    I’ve been thinking about a pair of these for a while (They’re so long! And they have stirrups so they don’t creep up!), but since my measurements are 2″ bigger than yours at both points, I think I’ll abide in hope that either my parents or my husband decide to order me one of those sweater-overall things as a holiday gift 😀

    1. kit Post author

      Yes, exactly! Everyone reviewing was talking about how big their legs were (ballet dancer big? regular person big? bodybuilder big?) and how the fit was tight, and outside of a teenager’s ballet class there is no way anyone would ever describe my legs as big yet they still don’t fit.
      I do love how long they are though. If I hold them full length next to me, they come up all the way to my lower rib cage. Of course, since that’s not usable length, it’s kind of a waste..
      Hope you get a sweater-overall thing!


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