So This Is What Extreme Soreness Feels Like…

My thighs are screaming! It’s a good feeling though, the right kind of soreness, definitely not pain or anything bad. It just feels like I had a few (too many) good classes.

Yesterday I took class at my regular school, and also at New Studio,  and today once again at my regular school. This in itself possibly wouldn’t have been so soreness-inducing except that in between classes I decided to go by the Pilates studio at school and get on the Reformer for some very intensive Full Body Integration exercises. I think the exercise called ‘side-splits’ is what completely destroyed my adductors.

Yesterday’s class was also very focused on identifying our turnout muscles, and foot articulation. It was definitely one of those classes where even though it’s just beginner level technique it leaves me feeling more sore than doing quicker or more complex stuff. We also worked on chaines again, and R Teacher noticed that towards the end of my turns, when I start getting tired, I do this thing where I’m not picking up my second foot, kind of doing a full revolution on one foot instead of a half turn. It’s sort of hard to explain what I mean, but once she pointed it out to me I understood why after a certain number of turns I start going a bit crooked. It’s something I will be working on now.

I was already sore before even going to NS, but since the crowd that showed up to take class was at a more intermediate level, class was pretty fast paced. We did echappe releves at barre (it went something like echappe to fourth, echappe to second, echappe to fourth, sous-sus, each with a pause on releve, then really quick echappes without resting in between – I’m sure I looked ridiculous during these), as well as these super fast tendus. Center was fun, with a tendu en croix combination, as well as a developpe combination with promenades. Even though I was very sore and tired, I felt pulled up and balanced. I’m hoping this means my body is getting stronger or has more endurance.

Across the floor was (tombe, pas de bourre, chasse, pirouette en dehors) x3, then contretemps, tombe, pas de bourre, glissade, grand jete. To the right side it went ok, but to the left I got confused and ended up on the wrong leg, with a pirouette en dedans by accident. It was fun though, and I really needed it after such a technique focused class earlier.

My other class at my regular school went well. F Teacher asked me to demonstrate to the class how to degage, and I was so nervous! But at the same time happy, because she wouldn’t have asked me to demonstrate if she didn’t think I could do it right.  Also, to my surprise, she said “Good!” to me when we did our saute combination (4 in first, 4 in second, 4 changements, 2 echappes, repeat), which feels like such an accomplishment after how long I’ve struggled with sautes. So yay, a good start of the week so far.

Now, off to roll out my soreness…

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