Why Is There Always One Of Those?

You know the type – insists on chattering and giggling during class when the teacher isn’t looking, complains out loud when it’s time to do exercises she doesn’t like, talks while waiting for her group’s turn, pretty much breaks all ballet class ettiquette and is a general pain to have around. Annoying, right?

So then today during class, in a pause as R Teacher prepared the music for our next combination across the floor, from behind me I hear Annoying Girl say “Why does that b**** always have to show off?”

On the inside I was like ‘What!?’ but I looked from the corner of my eye and she wasn’t pointing at anyone. By then she was saying something about “she’s not even in the front when we go to center but then when we do turns she wants to go first” (which are behaviors that decribe me; I don’t tend to go to the front when we first go to center (because I don’t want to compete for a mirror spot), and when we do turns I do end up in the front (since nobody wants to go…)).

But regardless of whether or not she meant me, I was so pissed. I can’t believe that she of all people, who acts inapropriately loud and annoying during class, would have the nerve to say that about somebody else. I mean, even before today, if someone had asked me who do I think is the most attention-seeking person in class I would have said her. True, her technique is not very good, so rather than getting attention through her dancing she does with her obnoxious attitude. But still…

As if I didn’t have enough anxiety about looking like a show off – Sheesh! The rest of class I felt a bit more self-concious the times that R Teacher asked me to demostrate any steps. Surely she can see that I’m being asked to do the step, right? Not “showing off”, what ever that means.

It’s extra dumb when I think about it, because if I wasn’t this far along in my ballet study this is the kind of student who would have completely intimidated me during class, simply because they’re so loud and annoying.

Tomorrow F Teacher teaches, and she’s definitely more old-school, so I will be keeping an eye out to see if Annoying Girl behaves the same way during her class.

Other than that, class was fun. In center we worked on balancés, at two different tempos, one nice and slow and the other pretty quick. I kept up with the faster tempo, but enjoyed the slower one more. R Teacher asked for the ‘sweeping’ port de bras so it was familiar and I could make it look pretty. We also did a couple tendu combinations (2 tendus devant in croisse, 2 tendus derriere, chasse a la seconde to a first arabesque facing the other side, close, other side) and (2 tendus devant, 2 tendus a la second, 2 tendus derriere, 2 1/2 soutenus, other side). I love doing simple combinations like these.

Across the floor we did chasse gallops, then chasse gallops with a chasse into a saute arabesque (which R Teacher had me demostrate), and grand jetes (which Annoying Girl loudly complained about). I really enjoy saute arabesques, so getting to do them all the way across the whole studio was a real treat. We also did chaines, which went pretty well for me today. I’m mostly working on not losing my spot as I get closer and closer to the item I’m spotting.



13 thoughts on “Why Is There Always One Of Those?

  1. Basia

    She’s jealous of you or whomever she’s referring to. She’s probably very insecure and hence the need to put people who are better than her down to make herself feel more superior. Typical bully.

    1. kit Post author

      Ugh, I really dislike bullies…it’s like 20 years later and it’s middle school all over again…
      So dumb, because if she put that energy into improving at ballet she wouldn’t have anything to complain about.

  2. meetatbarre

    Haha, I also vented about an annoying person this week!

    I know the type you are describing…there is definitely one of those girls in my studio and I HATE HER. She’s the girl that says, ugh can’t we don’t a different combination instead? And talks back on every correction she gets. AND FLIRTS WITH ALL THE MALE TEACHERS. HATEEEE.

    1. kit Post author

      No! She flirts with the male teachers?! That wouls drive me nuts (on top of everything else). I can totally see the girl I wrote about doing that though, as she’s always so desperate for attention.

  3. Olivia

    Wow, how childish of her. It’s sad that she would voluntarily take a class and then be critical. Luckily you are way ahead of her 🙂

    1. kit Post author

      I agree. When I find myself getting upset I just keep remembering that she is vey immature and childish and to not let it get to me.

  4. rebeccatreeseed

    There is always one of those because in a competitive society, she is a loser. Her ego has her act out for attention. It is everywhere. Telling every child “good job” when it wasn’t earned makes the transition to the real world that much harder. I was not harsh with my son, which is also damaging, but I tried to praise him for accomplishments.

    Keep practicing and excelling. It will reward you no matter what direction you go in life, not only externally but where resilience lives… inside.

    1. kit Post author

      Thank you for your comment, what you say is very true. Although I don’t have children yet, I agree that telling everyone “good job” without them working for their accomlishments is not productive in the long run.
      I love your blog.

      1. rebeccatreeseed

        Kit, thank you for reading my blog. I am getting to be an old codger and I am grateful for missing out on nasty behavior like that. I could go hermit for days at a time!

  5. kit Post author

    An update of sorts: I still take class regularly with this girl, but she has really toned it down – miracles do happen! LOL
    Seriously though, I think she was just trying that on R Teacher, and now that F Teacher is the only teacher for Beginner class she’s intimidated by her or something (F Teacher comes across as very old-school, take-no-nonsense kind of person. Class is so much more pleasant now; it’s like she’s not even there at all.


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