Ballet Goals

The other day a friend and I were talking about the concept of goals and writing them down and stuff. Reminded me of stuff I already knew but had forgotten. Anyway, although Teacher has us write out our goals at the beginning of the session, I usually keep them pretty vague. Stuff like ‘continue improving at ballet’ or ‘be able to hold a balance for longer’, really general. Part of it is because since I look at the goal-writing as an assignment it tends to suck all the fun out of it, and part – a much bigger part -is because honestly my goals to mysef can sometimes sound so ambitious that I am embarassed at the thought of her, or anybody I know, reading them.

So, I’m posting them anonymously here, without any of the usual ambiguity. Some are more likely to happen than others but I’m not planning on focusing on reaching them. Just writing them out and then I’m going to enjoy ballet class and not think about it and then see how it’s going months/years later.

To do a full promenade revolution, including finishing with rising up on single leg releve and holding  a balance in attitude for an instant before controlling landing down to a plie, allonge, and tendu close. Preferably to both sides. Even more preferable, one right after the other.

To make my changements looks as decent as my sautes and soubresauts. Especially past the first 12 or so… Work my way up to decent looking royalles and entrechats. How about, petit allegro as a whole looking decent (even if it’s at the slower tempo, for now)?

Balance in retire on releve at the barre for longer than a second, not just in center where I kind of have to. Obviously my core is strong enough to pull it off, I just need to focus harder and really pull up instead of relying on the barre. ‘The hand of my prince’ as F Teacher would put it. ‘The least reliable prince you’ll ever have – he won’t be there when you need him’ as another teacher once put it…

Reliable clean single pirouettes en dehors, especially from fifth, but I’ll take from fourth. Not allowing my working leg to turn in midway through the turn, keeping my working foot perfectly pointed, good spotting, high releve – all of it.

Quicker chaines and pique turns especially past the first 4 or 5 or so. The same not letting the working leg turn in thing goes for piques as for pirouettes. Improve on my spotting and actually go in a straight line across the studio. Be able to turn to the beat of the music (I realize with classical music it’s probably not referred to as ‘the beat’, but even though I love listening to classical music I never claimed to be some kind of expert who knows all the proper terms for everything) instead of just going at my own speed. Reduce that time between the last chaines turn and the finish in chasse to arabesque that I spend regathering my balance and sense of direction. Finishing in the correct facing goes without saying.

These should keep me busy. I can definitely say that I no longer feel directionless as it comes to ballet like I mentioned in my 3 year anniversary post. I like feeling like I’m working towards something.  Even if I don’t ever actually get “good”, it’ll still be fun.


2 thoughts on “Ballet Goals

  1. asher

    These are great goals, and this is a great idea! I like the specificity of points you’ve laid out — challenging but achievable, with some for the shorter term and some for the longer term.

    (FWIW, even in the classical music world, a lot of people refer to “the beat,” so don’t feel bad!)

    1. kit Post author

      Thanks 🙂

      Re: classical music and “the beat”, the friend whom I was having the goals conversation with was saying “That’s why I can’t do ballet – I can’t find the beat in classical!” (she does modern), so that made me hyperaware of ‘does clasical even have a beat?’ Well, even if it doesn’t have beats, it has counts.


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