No, not the kind of improv done during Modern class, though that is fun too…

Some awful person ran off with one of my leg warmers (I took them off after class, could have sworn I put them in my bag, I had somewhere important to be (family emergency), then I get home and there’s only one leg warmer in there. Not to worry, the studio has a lost and found. Except I get there the next day -as I spent the rest of the previous day with my Dad at the hospital – and the leg warmer is nowhere to be found.) What kind of awful person takes things that are not theirs?  (That may be a rhetorical question)

Anyways, I had another class to go to and no way of keeping my legs extra warm. An idea struck. I remembered this old pair of pink leggings that I kept around that no longer fit. I’d been keeping them around on the hopes that I would fit into them again – not going to happen unless I want to lose all my newfound jumping power (muscles) – or if not to donate them to a local thrift store once I accumulated enough items to make the trip worth it.


Pink leggings, not ballet pink but close enough

Instead, I cut the legs off from the gusset and improvised myself some leg warmers. They actually fit really nice and snug all the way up to a little over my knees – perfect leg warmer length. I wore them as is already, but I’m thinking of possibly hemming them so that the knit doesn’t begin to run.


They come up to a good height mid-thigh without feeling like strangling my leg

Even if I do get another pair of dance legwarmers like the ones I had (which I feel so guilty about because I was so irresponsible as to put myself in the situation that someone could take them…) – and I might as the stirrup part really helps keep my arches warm during barefooted Modern class, and unfortunately warm arches are a necessity for me – these fit well underneath pants or leggings to keep me warm throughout my day.

Bonus: The gusset part that I cut off makes a great pair of warmup shorts (not pictured).


The post would not be complete without showing my crappy turnout…

4 thoughts on “Improvise

  1. Sarah

    Wow, look how beautiful and articulate your foot is in the first picture, I still have an errant big toe which just will not bend when I point my foot and insists on point straight out!!

    Love the improvised leg warmers btw, I wouldn’t bother sewing a seam, I think they’ll look even better when they begin to fray a little bit 🙂

    1. kit Post author

      Why, thank you! 🙂
      Hmmm, yes I think I might just let the legwarmers do their thing. I wore them around all day yesterday and they held up well. You’re right, the fraying might make them look better (like it was done on purpose).
      As for the feet, all I have to say is slow articulation with a resistance band, first with a lighter one, then gradually increase as the feet strengthen. When I first started dancing my feet didn’t even point!


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