Straighten That Knee!

Lately (I’d say the last couple of months), I’ve been corrected a few times on straightening my knee.  Usually my supporting leg, though I think one time R Teacher noticed it during an arabesque balance in center (though she did say “Or is it your leg warmers?”.

So, I kind of blame it on my legwarmers (in my head, not out loud). Or on the fact that I worry my leg will hyperextend and lock if I straighten it too far, and then when it comes time to land jumps I won’t have it in muscle memory. I’m aware the obvious is ‘Why don’t you straighten your leg while standing and bend it while landing? I mean, duh’. The answer would be ‘because my body, underneath the muscle memory  I know-what-I’m-doing-sort-of exterior, is still the lazy (my body will take the path of least resistance to do anything, unless I have a new way of doing that motion, activity, or pose in my recent muscle memory), somewhat relatively weak, and clumsy body that I had before. Those reminders, despite how much dance has helped me, are quite discouraging.

Anyway, I am working on it, but I have to be honest and say that did let myself think that maybe it was my legwarmers. Good old-fashioned denial.

But then we were in center, and the tighter leg warmers don’t hide anything, and there it is – my perfectly bent supporting leg knee. Not cute. Definitely motivation to work on it. I’m thinking the bent knee supporting leg may be the reason my balancing on one-legged releve could definitely be better.


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