What Might Possibly Be The Cutest Ballet Costume EVER!

Youtube surfing ballet again…  and when I find ballet mixed in with cute kitties, that’s two of my favorite things right there!

In the middle of this video of Sleeping Beauty Act 3 by the Royal Ballet, there is the most adorable costume ever. So cute! Wish there was a full length ballet about kitties like these.


A kitty!


I’m not very good at taking screenshots of videos…

And  a few more screenshots


I definitely recomment watching the video, my screenshots do not it do it justice (ha, like if that even needed to be said). The kitty dance begins at 9:34, but the entire video is really fun to watch if you have the half half hour to spare. The rest of the dancers are absolute gorgeous and talented as well. The wedding pas de deux at the end is so beautiful.


2 thoughts on “What Might Possibly Be The Cutest Ballet Costume EVER!

    1. kit Post author

      Haha yeah, I kept hitting the printscreen button just a nanosecond too late there…
      I’m thinking of possibly doing a slightly easier – and solo – version of this cat dance for a class performance, since I already own a little cat mask (though nothing like this, just a simple paper/cardboard mask). But I’ve seen so many versions of this dance by now and out of all the costumes this was the cutest and most “realistic” one I’ve seen.


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