Super Short Update: Practicing & Pointe

As my regular school’s still on break until Monday, I continued to practice at home with the help of the friendly internet. For barre I alternated between Kathryn Morgan’s Barre For Balance And Core and Pointe Barre videos (not on pointe). For center, I did the Easy Center and Classic Center videos by Kathryn, as well as a new video I discovered, Strength Building Center Pointe Combos (also not on pointe) by Ballerinas By Night, which I like because it had lots of echappes and sous-sus. Also, since I’ve done some of these videos so many times that I have memorized the combinations, I like to use the music to make some of my own combinations up and do them.

As for pointe, I’d be lying if I said that I was able to stay away from them once  they were finally sewed correctly. So I’ve been doing some barre work, eleves and releves, and the exercises I’ve seen on videos (like rolling through the feet and tendu, point, and push over the box) and … well, I love it. I am so surprised because before I tried it I had no idea I’d feel this way. I discovered how to tape my toes to reduce the curling tendency of my longest, second toe and while I wouldn’t say it’s comfortable, it’s quite bearable. Of course, that’s on two feet – on just one it’s more difficult (obviously). Which reminds me, I should start doing 1 footed eleves with no barre (without the pointe shoes) for additional strength. Speaking of strength, ever since I started working with the shoes my demi-point balances feel so much stronger, like now I’m really  getting up over my first and second toes and my ankles are aligned better than before. It even looks like I can point my feet more!

While I’ve been having a blast with ballet by myself, I am missing the class environment. In particular I miss grand allegro-type combinations, since I don’t have that kind of room to work with at home. I found a playground to do a tombe, pas de bourre, glissade, grand jete and saute arabesque, saute coupe, but it’s just not the same…

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