An Unintended Consequence…

of going en pointe is that my mom umm…likes me a little bit more.

Ok, sounded mega-pathetic. Let me backtrack – my mother was blessed with not one but two daughters who, to her chagrin, just could not care less for “girly” (ugh, hate using that word – it’s as if to say that me not having an affinity towards certain things makes me less of a girl, or now, woman) things such as shoes, clothes or style. Even though my mom tried getting me into uncomfortable “cute” shoes and unpractical “fashionable” clothes, I much rather have comfortable sneakers, skater shoes, or running shoes (or my regrettable flip-flop days long past…) and a T-shirt, jeans or leggins. Unfortunately, in her quest to make me more “feminine” (once again, ugh for stereotypes…) she never enrolled me in ballet, but that’s another story…

Anyway, when I showed my parents a short video of me doing eleves, releves and echappes en pointe at the barre, my mom said something like ‘you’ve been wanting those shoes for a long time, haven’t you?’. And she looked…proud. Not because of my moves, but because I admitted to wanting the shoes. Weird, but I’ll take it.

I decided to not ruin her moment, not clear it up that to me they are tools, not fashion accessories. I mean, I’m happy – let the lady be happy, too.

(For the record, for the most part my family is super supportive of my dancing ever since they realized that ballet isn’t Just A Phase, about …maybe a year and a half ago…)


2 thoughts on “An Unintended Consequence…

  1. yorksranter

    Taking ballet has completely transformed the rellies’ level of support for me – when I was doing modern, only, they didn’t know what to make of it, but now they’re almost embarrassingly impressed. That said, at least it wasn’t my mother who asked if I can dance on my toes (an old school friend did instead – I seriously considered dancing on *his* toes…)

    1. kit Post author

      Yeah, I showed my family some videos of modern (not me, just on youtube) and they looked perplexed. I’ve thought before perhaps it takes a dancer to appreciate it. As for dancing on my toes, I think friends and (non-ballet) classmates have been asking me that for a while, even back when I was like ‘no, I can’t even dance on flat feet!’


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