Wow, Time Flew!

I’ve been neglecting my little blog again… being busy is no excuse – in our own ways we’re all busy – but either way here we are over a month later… I promise I will write an actual post soon, for anyone who’s still around… WordPress glitches a lot on my tablet and that doesn’t help to motivate me haha

Anyway, my school is on break as far as ballet goes, but I’ve taking modern, which is available. I think I may have finally grown comfortable with the floor! Shocking, I know… but I’m really enjoying modern. Then again, my butt is so sore right now!

During this summer break I’m taking ballet at New Studio. Being down to only 2 classes a week from the 6 I was used to is rough, but what can you do.  I’ve been practicing on my own, doing Kathryn Morgan barre and doing strengthening exercises in my pointe shoes. The floor at home is inadequate for center work on pointe (and the floor at New Studio is terrifying even on flat haha), so I’m still debating what to do. Considering ordering some marley to lay over the linoleum, but that might just be craziness, right? I mean, I only got to wait like 7 more weeks ’till classes resume normal schedule.

My school is putting on a show this summer though, and I’m one of the choreographers (as well as dancing). Honstly, I don’t know what I think of it yet – on the one hand I’m super excited, on the other hand I’m so overwhelmed, is this for real? Oh my gosh! So far the rehearsal process has been so fun! I’m doing a hybrid ballet and modern piece and I’m torn between saying it will be amazingly awesome and I have no idea what the hell I’m doing…

And that’s about all I have time for right now. This time I will try harder to get back on here a little sooner…

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