(Beginning) Pointe Learning Curve

Ok, all I know is that when I first started pointe I wished I had a general guideline of the progression. Since there’s no official pointe class at my school, just the option to wear pointe shoes to regular class, I had to figure out stuff on my own in a way. One thing I did was look up end of year exams on youtube to see what the different grades were doing. I’m not sure if that was helpful, but it was fun doing the research ūüôā

I’m not saying this is the ideal rate of progression or anything like that. I will say that I’m glad I waited so long to go en pointe because I find that my feet and ankles are quite strong.

Anyway… here are my first 30 times en pointe. Hope this helps somebody out there.

Day 0 – got my shoes…took a while to sew them

1 slow eleves facing the barre in parallel and first

(Rest day)

2 12/25 facing barre slow eleves in par. & first, releves in first, eleves in fifth
3 12/26 same as previous, add sous-sus releve facing barre

(Rest day)

4  video (tendus en croix pushing thru arch) eleves 1st,2nd.5th. Releve 1st, 5th. Sous-sus releve

(Rest day)
5   same as before and added echappes from 5th to 2nd,alternating with sous-sus, forced arch plies in 1st
6  same as before and added 1 hand at barre sous-sus, no hand eleves 1st n 5th, forced arch plies 1sr n 2nd
(2 rest days)
7  added bourres facing barre
8  Same as before
9 full barre at school (prances in par. and 1st, arch stretch in 1st and 2nd; releves and eleves in 1st n 2nd w balance, slow tendues thru demi

(2 Rest day)

10   added bourres w no hands on barre, pas de bourre staying in releve facing the barre
11  barre at school like last time, add tendu fondue up to sous-sus, attempt at a bad soutenu at barre
12  school like last time, better tendu fondu to sous-sus, 1 soutenu at barre from first side to second, echappes at barre
13  school like last time; more soutenus, at barre, coupe balance with 2 fingers on barre, more echapps w barre, bourres w no barre
14  school; lots of soutenus at barre, sous-sus, echappes, fondue dev to sous-sus (easier on R supp leg),
(2 rest days, I think I was sick)
15  just a little bit at home; releves, eleves, soutenus at barre, bourres no barre
(Rst day)
16  barre at school; tendu fondu devant n derriere to sous-sus; first attempts at chaines along barre towards (left side), sous-sus in cnter, 1 soutenu at barre w no hands, bourres no barre
17 barre at school; chaines along barre(both sides), tendu fondue to sous-sus, chasse to releve arabesque at barre with 2 hands (mostly rt side), pique sous-sus at barre w 2 hands
18 barre at school; pique passe a la second w 2 hands at barre, pique sous-sus, chasse to rel arabesque (both sides) with 2 hands on barre, chaines along barre

(Rest day)

19  home practice; sous-sus no barre both sides, releve 1st no barre, pique sous-sus at barre, bourres no barre, 1/2 soutenu no barre both sides
20  home; sous-sus no barre, 1/2 soutenu no barre, 1st releve no barre, echappes no barre(!!!), pas de bourre at barre

21  school; passe releve at barre facing it, pique passe at barre facing it, chaines along barre, sous-sus no barre, bourres no barre
22  school; sous-sus no barre, rlevs in 1st no barre, bourres no barre, pique retire at barre
23 school; echappes off barre 5th to 2nd, passe releve facing barre, sous-sus to passe 1 hand at barre (i think shoes are broken in)
24 school; echappes to 2nd no barre, passe releve facing barre, sous-sus no barre, frappes on pointe at barre, sous-sus to passe releve n short balance, chasse to releve arabesque 2 hands at barre, pique passe at barre, chaines along barre

(2 rest days)
25  (home) attempts at 1/2 chaines n soutenu off barre, echappes off barre, chasse to releve arabesque at barre

(rest day)
26 school; attempts at half chaines off barre, passe releve facing barre
27  school; attempts at half chaines off barre, short passe balance, pique devant at barre n light hands at barre, pas de bourre at barre
28 school; pas de bourre at barre, pique passe at barre, pique devant light hands at barre, passe releve facing barre,
29  added pas de bourre no hands on barre
30  added pickup pas de bourre (to retire) w 2 hands on barre
(2 rest day)

I will update when I get around to it…