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What Might Possibly Be The Cutest Ballet Costume EVER!

Youtube surfing ballet again…  and when I find ballet mixed in with cute kitties, that’s two of my favorite things right there!

In the middle of this video of Sleeping Beauty Act 3 by the Royal Ballet, there is the most adorable costume ever. So cute! Wish there was a full length ballet about kitties like these.


A kitty!


I’m not very good at taking screenshots of videos…

And  a few more screenshots


I definitely recomment watching the video, my screenshots do not it do it justice (ha, like if that even needed to be said). The kitty dance begins at 9:34, but the entire video is really fun to watch if you have the half half hour to spare. The rest of the dancers are absolute gorgeous and talented as well. The wedding pas de deux at the end is so beautiful.



Ballet Math and My Pretty Picture Frame

Had a (ballet-related) conversation with Boyfriend this morning…

“Ok, so you know how there’s so much importance on how long  you’ve been doing ballet for? But it’s so arbitrary – I mean, what if you’ve been doing it for ten years but you only take class one a week (rare, I know, but bear with me…) versus someone who has been doing it for two years but goes five times a week? Assuming the classes are the same length wouldn’t they have both been taking class for the same amount of time? Has the other person really been doing it for longer? Or have they both been doing it for the same amount of time?” In case you couldn’t tell,  I am pretty intimidated by people who’ve been doing ballet forever.

“It would appear so…” he answered, almost absentmindedly, and I wasn’t expecting more of a reply.  So then he surprised me with: “But what if it’s not just about the time spent in class?”


“Think about it.  You go to class and you come home and think about what you guys did and you practice it over in your mind. If you’ve only been doing it for a year then you’ve only been doing that for one year -”

“- and they’ve been doing that for that many years, most likely,” I finished, satisfied with our logic. Leave it to ballet, to make everything, even simple math, harder.  “Not only that, when you’re younger time just seems to last longer, like experiencially, you know? Like when you’re 5, a year will be a fifth of your life, and when you’re 10 it’s a tenth and so on. So I’ve been doing it for a much smaller fraction of my life as well.  Good thing it’s not a race ’cause there’s just no way I’ll ever catch up, it’s mathematically impossible!”

“Yes, Kit.”  LOL, something I love to hear…

Believe it or not, it feels good to have that sort of resolved. Will do absolutely nothing to fix my feelings of being intimidated, but it feels good to understand why.  It helps me keep it in perspective, I am doing just fine for my small fraction. It is not that there’s something wrong with me.

Ignore all my creepy cat knick-knacks in the background...

Ignore all my creepy cat knick-knacks in the background…

In other news, Boyfriend and I went by my favorite thrift store (the one I found a leotard at last October) and I found this cute ballerina picture frame.  I showed it to Boyfriend and he was like “You gotta get it and we’ll take pictures of you doing ballet and put them there.”

Awwww. He’s being really supportive about the my latest ballet-related struggles.

So we got it. Have yet to take the pictures, but I did so a series of pique turns in celebration at the store. So fun, definitely still enjoying ballet and dancing, just need to learn to not be so hard on myself during class.

A more close up picture of the frame

A more close up picture of the frame

And of the ballerina.

And of the ballerina.

Random Monday Ramblings

Normally, I’d have had class this morning – being a monday – and I’d be writing a class recap of sorts. But today class was cancelled (luckily, Teacher was considerate and let us know ahead of time – I’d been hella pissed if I got up at the crack of dawn and drove in traffic for no-class), so instead I will ramble on about tangentially ballet related subjects.

First off, remember my post a few weeks ago about Sanrio cuteness and Ballerina Bear? Well, it just so happened that the movie theater that Boyfriend  and I went to to see Manon last week is annexed to a mall and, like most malls I’ve visited in my life, they had a Sanrio store.  It had been years, literally, since I’d been to either a mall or Sanrio store, so of course I had to visit. Purely for the sake of research, of course.

It was cuteness overload!  Remember I mentioned that as a kid I loved novelty erasers? Check these out!

Novelty erasers in the shape of sushi! Managing to be both adorable and delicious looking!

Novelty erasers in the shape of sushi! Managing to be both adorable and delicious looking!

I was so glad that I had purposely not brought much cash with me.  These are adorable, but as a completely non-functional item that would just serve to clutter out apartment, it was not a wise purchase.  By now I’m learning that part of maturity is recognizing the difference between needs and wants. Still, can’t wait to have a child to enjoy cutesy erasers with!

Showing more of the assortment of cute erasers.

Showing more of the assortment of cute erasers.

Continuing to explore the Sanrio store I found a pink Hello Kitty tennis ball. It was more “hot pink” than “ballet  pink”, or else it would have had “rub sore feet on me” written all over it. Unfortunately, for whatever reason (probably absentmindedness) I didn’t get a close-up picture, though I swear I thought I had.

You're just gonna have to take my word for it that the pink tennis ball is (hidden) on the other side of what looks like pink volleyballs.

You’re just gonna have to take my word for it that the pink tennis ball is (hidden) on the other side of what looks like pink volleyballs.

And no, no sign of Ballerina Bear merchandise anywhere. There were plenty of new characters that were unfamiliar to me, however, as well as some crossover characters.  Apparently now Sanrio has a deal with Street Fighter.

Street Fighter, Sanrio Style

Street Fighter, Sanrio Style

All in all, they had Hello Kitty everything, except for the two possible things that would have actually gotten me to open my wallet. Any guesses what those things would be?

A Hello Kitty leotard or Hello Kitty ballet slippers. Actually Hello Kitty tights would have been fine as well. I guess they didn’t have any of the three things that may have pried cash away from my hands.

Now that the lightehearted topic’s been rambled about…

Lately, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the whole Keeping Things in Perspective thing.  Mostly as it applies to ballet and my (slow) progress.

As much as I hate to admit it – even to myself – sometimes I turn into the green-eyed monster when other’s learning curves increase more exponentially than mine.  It really gets me down, especially because I know rationally that feeling that way accomplishes nothing. Absolutely nothing. The time spent throwing myself a pity party can be better spent practicing or working out to increase my strength.

Especially when I really keep it in perspective, and realize that I have already come so far.

Prior to me starting ballet, I had terrible posture.  I’m not talking terrible for a dancer, I mean terrible period.  As in, while standing, I always rested back on my hyperextended knees, locking them back, while simultaneously tucking my pelvis in and under, sticking out my stomach, curving my upper back forward, hunching my shoulders and hanging down my head.  Pretty much every posture “Don’t” out there.  It’s a wonder I hadn’t developed long-term health problems.

I don't have before whole-body pics -  can you blame me? - but I do have these crudely-drawn stick figures that sort of show what I'm talking about

I don’t have before whole-body pics – can you blame me? – but I do have these crudely-drawn stick figures that sort of show what I’m talking about

And for the longest time – the first 27 or so years of my life – I had no idea that I was doing anything wrong.  This was just the posture that I had adopted back when I was an obese child, and as I grew older I just assumed that was the shape of my body.  I had no idea that any of this was malleable, just figured I’d been cursed with bad genes.

It wasn’t until after I lost my excess weight that I realized that I could make the effort to stand up straight; I could stop tucking in my pelvis excessively; I could stop hunching my shoulders.  It took a lot of getting used to – muscle memory going back decades is harder to undo – but by the time I started ballet I had generic mediocre posture as opposed to horrible.  If anything, by that point I had been doing the opposite of tucking in my pelvis and was mildly sway-backing, but the rest – the locked knees, the hunched shoulders, the head lifting – it was all good.

When I keep it in perspective – when I remember that I went from being a fully grown adult who was in terrible shape and had a 70-year-old’s posture to how I’m doing today, rather than from an agile athletic teenager to a still-agile 20 year old taking ballet – I feel so much better.  Almost like I can accomplish anything!

Because if I had a time machine and I went back in time and showed 27 -year-old me pictures of me now, she probably wouldn’t believe it’s the same person. Or assume I’d made a deal with the devil.  And I wouldn’t blame her.

So now I go from feeling disappointed with my progress to thinking “I’m pretty badass!”

And just like that the Monday Blues leave me.

Celebrating being in my 30's and feeling better than I ever did in my teens or 20's.

Celebrating being in my 30’s and feeling better than I ever did in my teens or 20’s.


When I was in grade school, like a number of little girls in my class, I was obsessed with cutesy little stationary things, often with Sanrio characters: novelty erasers, miniature notebooks, an assortment of pencil pouches, adorable (and elaborately designed) pencil sharpeners, etc.  We were easily amused back then before the internet-at-your-fingertips-anywhere  age!

Anyway, the different girls in my class varied in their preference of characters. The most popular girl in class loved a character named “Spottie Dottie” and had everything from several backpacks to socks bearing  the character’s likeness.  Her best friend liked Pochacco, and mine liked Keroppi the Frog.

As for me, while I’ve always had a fondness for Hello Kitty – at some point in my early 20’s it reached full-fledged obsession – in elementary school there was a different character that I wanted plastered over all my school girl things.

If it had a name I didn’t know it. To be honest, I don’t even think it was licensed by Sanrio, as I’ve yet to see  this character’s merchandise being sold at the Sanrio store (though it could just have been discontinued since the early 90’s (not that I’ve even been in the Sanrio store for several years now, so for all I know it’s their newest top-selling character. But then, wouldn’t I see kids wearing it or something? I really got to stop interrupting my own train of thought like this. )).


Little notebook with Ballerina Bear on it.

I named it Ballerina Bear. You know, since it’s a bear wearing ballet shoes.  And doing what I imagined were ballet-ish moves.

Back then I wanted all things with Ballerina Bear.  I had worked up a sizable collection of Ballerina Bear items by the time that I switched schools after 5th grade.  The kids at my new school were just too sophisticated for  things like cutesy stationary items or even playing at recess – excuse me, break time  – so back then, rather than face (even more) bullying at school I left all my Ballerina Bear stuff at home.  Out of sight truly is out of mind because I soon all but forgot about my favorite character.


What remains of my Ballerina Bear collection.

It’s funny that the character I gravitated toward was Ballerina Bear since I never so much as took one ballet class as a kid.

So the other day as I was going through stuff from my childhood in the closet, I came across a few remaining Ballerina Bear things that have made it with me through all these moves and all these years.  Pretty cool, but it got me thinking, am I old?

It’s odd because I certainly don’t feel old.  In fact, I’m in the best shape of my life and confident that I can keep up with an 18 year-old when it comes to physical activity. At the same time though, I feel mature and responsible-ish. But I definitely do not feel like a kid either, it feels more like that was a different lifetime ago and now I’m living this life where I get to be young again.  It’s really hard to explain.

Then I realized that it’s just that I don’t feel like how I imagined  being old would feel. The way that my child mind – with a child’s reasoning – took in the way other people (adults) viewed adulthood, saw their actions and thought “I never want to be that way! Always serious, always frowning, always tired, it seems like always miserable!”  If that is adulthood, I know that I don’t feel that way at all.

As I was driving home today my car’s CD player malfunctioned and I was left listening to FM radio.  And all the stations that play “classics” were playing stuff from when I was in high school.  And all I could think was everything around me is getting old.

But I still don’t feel it.

image image image

Close-ups (sorta) of Ballerina Bear stuff.  I remember the day I got the box above, I was sooo excited. Tried taking my lunch in it to school until the box’s cardboard frame collapsed under the weight.

And if anyone knows this character’s “real” name, I would love to be filled in. Until then, she remains Ballerina Bear.